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Package Name Access Summary Updated
genomepy public Download genomes the easy way. 2020-06-03
binsanity public Method to cluster contigs based a biphasic method with coverage and composition 2020-06-03
novoplasty public The organelle assembler and heteroplasmy caller 2020-06-03
tspex public A Python package for calculating tissue-specificity metrics for gene expression. 2020-06-02
sra-tools public SRA Toolkit and SDK from NCBI 2020-06-02
picard public Java tools for working with NGS data in the BAM format 2020-06-02
picard-slim public Java tools for working with NGS data in the BAM format. 2020-06-02
homoeditdistance public An implementation of the homo-edit distance algorithm. 2020-06-02
vcontact2 public Viral Contig Automatic Clustering and Taxonomy 2020-06-02
pblat public blat with multi-threads support 2020-06-02
tobias public Transcription factor Occupancy prediction By Investigation of ATAC-seq Signal 2020-06-02
treerecs public correct, rearrange and (re-)root gene trees with regard to a given species tree 2020-06-02
biasaway public BiasAway: a tool to generate composition-matched background sequences 2020-06-02
rxdock public RxDock is a fork of rDock (GitLab), a fast, versatile and open-source program for docking ligands to proteins and nucleic acids. 2020-06-02
bioconductor-go.db public A set of annotation maps describing the entire Gene Ontology 2020-06-02
varlociraptor public Flexible, uncertainty-aware variant calling with parameter free filtration via FDR control. 2020-06-02
king public `Kinship-based INference for Gwas (KING) is a toolset that makes use of high-throughput SNP data typically seen in a genome-wide association study <>`_ 2020-06-02
snakemake-minimal public A popular workflow management system aiming at full in-silico reproducibility. 2020-06-02
snakemake public A popular workflow management system aiming at full in-silico reproducibility. 2020-06-02
stark public A tool for bluntifying a bidirected de bruijn graph by removing overlaps. 2020-06-02
gmap public Genomic mapping and alignment program for mRNA and EST sequences. 2020-06-02
fpa public Filter Pairwise Alignment filter long read mapping information to save disk space 2020-06-01
contigtax public Assign taxonomy to metagenomic contigs (previously know as tango) 2020-06-01
atropos public trim adapters from high-throughput sequencing reads 2020-06-01
cell-types-analysis public A suite of scripts for analysis of scRNA-seq cell type classification tools outputs. 2020-06-01
pkiss public pKiss is a tool for folding RNA secondary structures, including two limited classes of pseudoknots. As pKiss is the successor of pknotsRG, the first pseudoknot class is the canonical simple recursive pseudoknot from pknotsRG. The new class are canonical simple recursive kissing hairpins. 2020-06-01
rnashapes public No Summary 2020-06-01
mapdamage2 public mapDamage: tracking and quantifying damage patterns in ancient DNA sequences 2020-06-01
airr public AIRR Community Data Representation Standard reference library for antibody and TCR sequencing data. Citations: AIRR standards <doi:10.5281/zenodo.1185414>. 2020-06-01
samplot public Plot structural variant signals from BAMs and CRAMs. 2020-06-01
marvel public MARVEL: Metagenomic Analyses and Retrieval of Viral Elements 2020-06-01
star public An RNA-seq read aligner. 2020-06-01
htstream public HTStream is a quality control and processing pipeline for High Throughput Sequencing data. The difference between HTStream and other tools is that HTStream uses a tab delimited fastq format that allows for streaming from application to application. This streaming creates some awesome efficiencies when processing HTS data and makes it fully interoperable with other standard Linux tools. 2020-06-01
bellmans-gapc public A language and compiler for algebraic dynamic programming. 2020-06-01
ipyrad public Interactive assembly and analysis of RAD-seq data sets. 2020-06-01
surpyvor public Evaluating, merging and plotting SV vcf files 2020-05-31
treeswift public TreeSwift: Fast tree module for Python 2 and 3 2020-05-31
ariba public ARIBA: Antibiotic Resistance Identification By Assembly 2020-05-31
phispy public Prophage finder using multiple metrics 2020-05-31
hmftools-purple public Purity/ploidy estimator. Leverages the read depth and tumor BAF to estimate the purity of a sample and generate a copy number profile 2020-05-31
cat public CAT/BAT: tool for taxonomic classification of contigs and metagenome-assembled genomes (MAGs) 2020-05-31
scvelo public single-cell RNA velocity generalized to transient cell states 2020-05-31
yacrd public Yet Another Chimeric Read Detector, with long-read mapper result as input. 2020-05-31
gfapy public Library for handling data in the GFA1 and GFA2 formats 2020-05-31
covtobed public covtobed - generate a BED file of covered regions from a BAM file 2020-05-31
dinosaur public Feature finding algorithm for detection of isotope patterns in HPLC mass spectrometry data. 2020-05-31
r-acidgenerics public S4 generics for Acid Genomics R packages. 2020-05-31
ensembl-vep public Ensembl Variant Effect Predictor 2020-05-31
nanoget public Functions to extract information from Oxford Nanopore sequencing data and alignments. 2020-05-31
ont-fast5-api public Oxford Nanopore Technologies fast5 API software 2020-05-31
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