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Package Name Access Summary Updated
perl-perl4-corelibs public libraries historically supplied with Perl 4 2018-07-18
snp-dists public Convert a FASTA alignment to SNP distance matrix 2018-07-17
ropebwt2 public Incremental construction of FM-index for DNA sequences 2018-07-17
rapmap public Rapid sensitive and accurate read mapping via quasi-mapping 2018-07-17
ssake public SSAKE is a genomics application for de novo assembly of millions of very short DNA sequences. 2018-07-17
bamclipper public Remove primer sequence from BAM alignments by soft-clipping. 2018-07-17
rapclust public Accurate, Fast and Lightweight Clustering of de novo Transcriptomes using Fragment Equivalence Classes 2018-07-17
lcfit public Likelihood curve fitting by nonlinear least squares. 2018-07-17
perl-module-implementation public Loads one of several alternate underlying implementations for a module 2018-07-17
perl-dist-checkconflicts public declare version conflicts for your dist 2018-07-17
perl-test-requires public Checks to see if the module can be loaded 2018-07-17
perl-test-fatal public incredibly simple helpers for testing code with exceptions 2018-07-17
perl-module-runtime public runtime module handling 2018-07-17
blast public BLAST+ is a new suite of BLAST tools that utilizes the NCBI C++ Toolkit. 2018-07-17
perl-compress-raw-zlib public Low-Level Interface to zlib compression library 2018-07-17
perl-app-cpanminus public get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN 2018-07-17
basic public BASIC is a semi-de novo assembly method for assembling BCR and TCR genes from single cell RNA-seq data. 2018-07-17
seqyclean public Main purpose of this software is to pre-process NGS data in order to prepare for downstream analysis. 2018-07-17
htsbox public HTSbox is a fork of early HTSlib. It is a collection of small experimental tools manipulating HTS-related files. 2018-07-17
hmmcopy public C++ based programs for analyzing BAM files and preparing read counts -- used with bioconductor-hmmcopy 2018-07-17
haploclique public Viral quasispecies assembly via maximal clique finding. A method to reconstruct viral haplotypes and detect large insertions and deletions from NGS data. 2018-07-17
biopet-validatevcf public ValidateVcf validates a VCF file against a reference genomes. 2018-07-17
biopet-validateannotation public ValidateAnnotationvalidates whether an annotation file is correct. 2018-07-17
pymix public No Summary 2018-07-17
perl-http-server-simple public Lightweight HTTP server 2018-07-17
perl-inline-c public No Summary 2018-07-17
perl-pathtools public Tools for working with directory and file names 2018-07-17
perl-io-compress public No Summary 2018-07-17
ldhelmet public Software program for statistical inference of fine-scale crossover recombination rates from population genetic data. 2018-07-17
ig-flowtools public set of tools for flow cytometry analysis 2018-07-17
perl-par public No Summary 2018-07-17
perl-filedirutil public A Moose Role for basic File IO 2018-07-17
perl-class-xsaccessor public Generate fast XS accessors without runtime compilation 2018-07-17
perl-data-visitor public Visitor style traversal of Perl data structures 2018-07-17
perl-dbd-pg public No Summary 2018-07-17
perl-file-share public Extend File::ShareDir to Local Libraries 2018-07-17
ngless public A tool for metagenomics processing with a focus on metagenomics 2018-07-17
stringtie public Transcriptome assembly and quantification for RNA-seq 2018-07-17
subread public High-performance read alignment, quantification, and mutation discovery 2018-07-17
perl-test-unit-lite public No Summary 2018-07-17
perl-data-walk public No Summary 2018-07-17
perl-sub-attribute public No Summary 2018-07-17
perl-sereal-encoder public No Summary 2018-07-17
perl-sereal-decoder public No Summary 2018-07-17
perl-test-mockmodule public Override subroutines in a module for unit testing 2018-07-17
perl-super public control superclass method dispatch 2018-07-17
perl-io-prompt public No Summary 2018-07-17
perl-string-util public String::Util -- String processing utilities 2018-07-17
perl-number-misc public Number::Misc - handy utilities for numbers 2018-07-17
perl-tie-ixhash public ordered associative arrays for Perl 2018-07-17
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