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Package Name Access Summary Updated
chia-rep public A package for measuring reproducibility of ChIA-PET data. 2021-05-08
winnowmap public Winnowmap is a long-read mapping algorithm optimized for mapping ONT and PacBio reads to repetitive reference sequences. 2021-05-08
xtea public TE insertion caller for both short and long reads 2021-05-08
xpore public xpore is a python package for Nanopore data analysis of differential RNA modifications. 2021-05-08
bakta public Rapid & standardized annotation of bacterial genomes & plasmids. 2021-05-08
cellprofiler-core public Dependency for CellProfiler v4 2021-05-08
seqscreen public SeqScreen was created to sensitively assign taxonomic classifications, functional annotations, and biological processes of interest to single, short DNA sequences (50bp-1,000bp). 2021-05-07
akt public Ancestry and Kinship Tools (AKT) 2021-05-07
nanocomp public Comparing runs of Oxford Nanopore sequencing data and alignments 2021-05-07
pmultiqc public Python package for quality control of proteomics datasets, based on multiqc package 2021-05-07
humann public HUMAnN: The HMP Unified Metabolic Analysis Network, version 3 2021-05-07
gecco public Biosynthetic Gene Cluster prediction with Conditional Random Fields. 2021-05-07
immuneml public immuneML is a software platform for machine learning analysis of immune receptor repertoires. 2021-05-07
taxtastic public Tools for taxonomic naming and annotation 2021-05-07
mimseq public Modification-induced misincorporation tRNA sequencing. 2021-05-07
chromosight public Detect loops (and other patterns) in Hi-C contact maps. 2021-05-07
hopla public Hopla enables classic genomic single, duo, trio, etc., analysis, by studying a single (multisample) vcf-file 2021-05-07
pm4ngs public PM4NGS generates a standard organizational structure for Next Generation Sequencing (ngs) data analysis 2021-05-07
easypqp public EasyPQP: Simple library generation for OpenSWATH 2021-05-07
pyranges public GenomicRanges for Python. 2021-05-07
matchms public Python library for fuzzy comparison of mass spectrum data and other Python objects 2021-05-07
alfa public A simple software to get a quick overview of features composing NGS dataset(s). 2021-05-07
scvi-tools public Deep probabilistic analysis of single-cell omics data. 2021-05-07
rsidx public Library for indexing VCF files for random access searches by rsID 2021-05-07
samap public The SAMap algorithm 2021-05-06
ultraplex public fastq demultiplexer 2021-05-06
seqfu public DNA sequence utilities 2021-05-06
thapbi-pict public THAPBI Phytophthora ITS1 Classifier Tool (PICT). 2021-05-06
multiqc public Create aggregate bioinformatics analysis reports across many samples and tools 2021-05-05
pangolin public Phylogenetic Assignment of Named Global Outbreak LINeages 2021-05-05
ensembl-vep public Ensembl Variant Effect Predictor 2021-05-05
samplot public Plot structural variant signals from BAMs and CRAMs. 2021-05-05
python-newick public A python module to read and write the Newick format 2021-05-05
igv public Integrative Genomics Viewer. Fast, efficient, scalable visualization tool for genomics data and annotations. 2021-05-05
contrafold public CONditional TRAining for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction 2021-05-05
snakemake public A popular workflow management system aiming at full in-silico reproducibility. 2021-05-05
snakemake-minimal public A popular workflow management system aiming at full in-silico reproducibility. 2021-05-05
homopolish public Homopolish is a polish tools 2021-05-05
insilicoseq public A sequencing simulator. 2021-05-05
lotus2 public LotuS2 is a lightweight complete 16S/18S/ITS pipeline 2021-05-05
methplotlib public Plot methylation data obtained from nanopolish 2021-05-05
moments public Evolutionary inference using SFS and LD statistics. 2021-05-05
metagenome-atlas public ATLAS - Three commands to start analysing your metagenome data 2021-05-05
nextflow public A DSL for data-driven computational pipelines 2021-05-05
epimuller public Visualize lineages overtime, with phylogentic context, based on viral genomes 2021-05-05
nanoplot public Plotting suite for long read sequencing data and alignments 2021-05-04
sdm public sdm - simple demultiplex tool for FASTQ demultiplexing and dereplication 2021-05-04
sodar-cli public Command line interface to SODAR via REST API 2021-05-04
picard public Java tools for working with NGS data in the BAM format 2021-05-04
viennarna public Vienna RNA package -- RNA secondary structure prediction and comparison 2021-05-04

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