fastchan / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
torchaudio public simple audio I/O for pytorch 2021-08-04
pillow public Pillow is the friendly PIL fork by Alex Clark and Contributors 2021-08-04
pyarrow public Python libraries for Apache Arrow 2021-08-04
cudf public cuDF GPU DataFrame core library 2021-08-04
rmm public rmm library 2021-08-04
libcudf public libcudf library 2021-08-04
cupy public CuPy is an implementation of a NumPy-compatible multi-dimensional array on CUDA. 2021-08-04
librmm public librmm library 2021-08-04
cudatoolkit public CUDA Toolkit - Including CUDA runtime and headers 2021-08-04
fastcore public Python supercharged for fastai development 2021-08-01
datasets public 🤗 The largest hub of ready-to-use NLP datasets for ML models with fast, easy-to-use and efficient data manipulation tools 2021-07-30
huggingface_hub public Client library to download and publish models and other files on the hub 2021-07-28
libcurl public tool and library for transferring data with URL syntax 2021-07-27
nbdev public Writing a library entirely in notebooks 2021-07-24
spacy public Industrial-strength Natural Language Processing 2021-07-21
grpc-cpp public gRPC - A high-performance, open-source universal RPC framework 2021-07-21
spdlog public Super fast C++ logging library. 2021-07-21
thinc public thinc: Learn super-sparse multi-class models 2021-07-19
boa public The mamba-powered conda package builder 2021-07-17
mamba public A fast drop-in alternative to conda, using libsolv for dependency resolution 2021-07-17
albumentations public Fast image augmentation library and easy to use wrapper around other libraries 2021-07-15
fastai public fastai simplifies training fast and accurate neural nets using modern best practices 2021-07-14
libcxx public LLVM C++ standard library 2021-07-13
abseil-cpp public Abseil Common Libraries (C++) 2021-07-13
catalogue public Super lightweight function registries for your library 2021-07-13
rich public Rich is a Python library for rich text and beautiful formatting in the terminal. 2021-07-13
opencv-python-headless public Wrapper package for OpenCV python bindings. 2021-07-11
ghapi public A python client for the GitHub API 2021-07-10
spacy-legacy public Legacy functions and architectures for backwards compatibility 2021-07-10
orc public C++ libraries for Apache ORC 2021-07-04
libbrotlienc public Brotli compression format 2021-07-02
libbrotlidec public Brotli compression format 2021-07-02
libbrotlicommon public Brotli compression format 2021-07-02
timm public (Unofficial) PyTorch Image Models 2021-06-30
aiohttp public Async http client/server framework (asyncio) 2021-06-30
libgfortran public Fortran compiler and libraries from the GNU Compiler Collection 2021-06-30
libgfortran5 public Fortran compiler and libraries from the GNU Compiler Collection 2021-06-30
s2n public an implementation of the TLS/SSL protocols 2021-06-26
pytorch public PyTorch is an optimized tensor library for deep learning using GPUs and CPUs. 2021-06-26
libtiff public Support for the Tag Image File Format (TIFF). 2021-06-26
mkl public Math library for Intel and compatible processors 2021-06-26
llvm-openmp public The OpenMP API supports multi-platform shared-memory parallel programming in C/C++ and Fortran. 2021-06-26
protobuf public Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format. 2021-06-26
arrow-cpp public C++ libraries for Apache Arrow 2021-06-26
aws-sdk-cpp public C++ library that makes it easy to integrate C++ applications with AWS services 2021-06-26
libthrift public Compiler and C++ libraries and headers for the Apache Thrift RPC system 2021-06-26
aws-c-io public This is a module for the AWS SDK for C. It handles all IO and TLS work for application protocols. 2021-06-26
aws-c-cal public Aws Crypto Abstraction Layer: Cross-Platform, C99 wrapper for cryptography primitives. 2021-06-26
re2 public RE2 is a fast, safe, thread-friendly alternative to backtracking regular expression engines like those used in PCRE, Perl, and Python. It is a C++ library. 2021-06-26
libprotobuf public Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format. C++ Libraries 2021-06-26

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