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Package Name Access Summary Updated
pymassspec-plot public Plotting extension for PyMassSpec. 2022-08-04
sphinx-toolbox public Box of handy tools for Sphinx 🧰 πŸ“” 2022-08-03
flake8-dunder-all public A Flake8 plugin and pre-commit hook which checks to ensure modules have defined '__all__'. 2022-08-01
seed_intersphinx_mapping public Populate the Sphinx 'intersphinx_mapping' dictionary from the project's requirements. 2022-07-25
pypi-json public PyPI JSON API client library 2022-07-08
hatch-requirements-txt public Hatchling plugin to read project dependencies from requirements.txt 2022-06-08
whey-conda public Whey extension for creating Conda packages for Python projects. 2022-06-07
shippinglabel-pypi public Shippinglabel extension for interacting with PyPI. 2022-06-07
pyproject-parser public Parser for 'pyproject.toml' 2022-06-06
astatine public Some handy helper functions for Python's AST module. 2022-06-06
github3-utils public Handy utilities for 2022-06-04
apeye-core public Core (offline) functionality for the apeye library. 2022-06-03
dist-meta public Parse and create Python distribution metadata. 2022-06-03
shippinglabel public Utilities for handling packages. 2022-05-26
whey public A simple Python wheel builder for simple projects. 2022-05-19
consolekit public Additional utilities for click. 2022-05-19
sphinx-jinja2-compat public Patches Jinja2 v3 to restore compatibility with earlier Sphinx versions. 2022-05-16
handy-archives public Some handy archive helpers for Python. 2022-05-14
shippinglabel-conda public Shippinglabel extension with utilities conda packages. 2022-05-11
southwark public Extensions to the Dulwich Git library. 2022-05-10
flake8-slots public A Flake8 plugin to require __slots__ to be defined for subclasses of immutable types. 2022-05-08
extras_require public Display a warning at the top of module documentation that it has additional requirements. 2022-05-08
cawdrey public Several useful custom dictionaries for Python πŸ“–β€‚πŸ 2022-05-05
chemistry_tools public Python tools for analysis of chemical compounds. 2022-05-04
mathematical public Mathematical tools for Pythonβ€‚πŸ“β€‚πŸβ€‚πŸ› οΈ 2022-05-04
sdjson public Custom JSON Encoder for Python utilising functools.singledispatch to support custom encoders for both Python's built-in classes and user-created classes, without as much legwork. 2022-05-01
dom_toml public Dom's tools for Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language. 2022-04-28
domdf_python_tools public Helpful functions for Pythonβ€‚πŸβ€‚πŸ› οΈ 2022-04-26
coincidence public Helper functions for pytest. 2022-04-23
mkrecipe public A tool to create recipes for building conda packages from distributions on PyPI. 2022-04-16
sphinx-autofixture public Sphinx autodocumenter for pytest fixtures. 2022-04-04
repo_helper public A tool to manage configuration files, build scripts etc. across multiple projects. 2022-04-04
default_values public Sphinx extension to show default values in documentation. 2022-04-01
toctree_plus public Enhanced Sphinx TocTree which shows classes, functions etc. as if they were sections. 2022-03-25
mistletoe public A fast, extensible Markdown parser in pure Python. 2022-02-10
flake8-helper public A helper library for Flake8 plugins. 2022-02-10
enum_tools public Tools to expand Python's enum module. 2022-02-10
sphinx-highlights public Sphinx extension to display a selection of highlights from a Python library. 2022-02-09
flake8-encodings public A Flake8 plugin to identify incorrect use of encodings. 2022-02-08
coverage_pyver_pragma public Plugin for to selectively ignore branches depending on the Python version. 2022-02-08
deprecation-alias public A wrapper around 'deprecation' providing support for deprecated aliases. 2022-02-07
wheel-filename public Parse wheel filenames. 2022-02-07
css-parser public A CSS Cascading Style Sheets library for Python 2022-02-07
apeye public Handy tools for working with URLs and APIs. 2022-02-07
attr_utils public Utilities to augment attrs. 2022-01-16
configconfig public Load and validate YAML configuration files. 2021-10-05
whey-pth public Extension to whey to support .pth files. 2021-07-19
formate public Python formatting mate. 2021-07-02
yapf-isort public yapf πŸ’Œ isort 2021-06-16
dict2css public A ΞΌ-library for constructing cascading style sheets from Python dictionaries. 2021-06-13

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