2D and 3D interactive scientific plotting GUI and module


Info: This package contains files in non-standard labels.

conda install

  • linux-64  v3.2
  • osx-64  v3.2
  • win-64  v3.2
To install this package with conda run one of the following:
conda install -c conda-forge veusz
conda install -c conda-forge/label/cf201901 veusz
conda install -c conda-forge/label/cf202003 veusz


Veusz is a 2D and 3D scientific plotting package, designed to create publication-ready PDF and SVG output. It features GUI, command-line, and scripting interfaces. Graphs are constructed from widgets, allowing complex layouts to be designed. Veusz supports plotting functions, data with errors, keys, labels, stacked plots, multiple plots, and fitting data.

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