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Package Name Access Summary Updated
botocore public Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3. 2019-02-18
z5py public Lightweight C++ and Python interface for datasets in zarr and N5 format. 2019-02-18
orange3-network public Networks add-on for Orange 3 data mining software package. 2019-02-18
radical.entk public Ensemble Toolkit (EnTK) is an ensemble execution system written in Python 2019-02-18
pyuvdata public an interface for astronomical interferometeric datasets in python 2019-02-18
ncurses public Library for text-based user interfaces 2019-02-18
fonttools public fontTools is a library for manipulating fonts, written in Python. 2019-02-18
eccodes public ECMWF ecCodes Copyright 2005-2018 ECMWF. 2019-02-18
databases public Async database support for Python. 🗄 2019-02-18
requests_cache public Persistent cache for requests library 2019-02-18
sqlite public Implements a self-contained, zero-configuration, SQL database engine 2019-02-18
aplpy public The Astronomical Plotting Library in Python 2019-02-18
pydantic public Data validation and settings management using python type hinting 2019-02-18
rhash public Great utility for computing hash sums 2019-02-18
testfixtures public A collection of helpers and mock objects for unit tests and doc tests. 2019-02-18
uvicorn public The lightning-fast ASGI server. 🦄 2019-02-18
nasm public Netwide Assembler: an assembler targetting the Intel x86 series of processors. 2019-02-18
readline public library for editing command lines as they are typed in 2019-02-18
puremagic public Pure python implementation of magic file detection 2019-02-18
benchmark public A microbenchmark support library 2019-02-18
conan public Conan C/C++ package manager 2019-02-18
ca-certificates public Certificates for use with other packages. 2019-02-18
ps2ff public Produce approximated earthquake rupture distances from point source information. 2019-02-18
patch public Native Win32 versions of common unix tools 2019-02-18
mongoengine public MongoEngine is a Python Object-Document Mapper for working with MongoDB. 2019-02-18
knack public A Command-Line Interface framework 2019-02-18
help2man public help2man produces simple manual pages from the --help and --version output of other commands. 2019-02-18
compas_fab public Robotic fabrication package for the COMPAS Framework 2019-02-18
zeromq public A high-performance asynchronous messaging library. 2019-02-18
mne public MNE python project for MEG and EEG data analysis. 2019-02-18
dramatiq public Background Processing for Python 3. 2019-02-18
numpy-stl public Library to make reading, writing and modifying both binary and ascii STL files easy. 2019-02-18
jasper public A reference implementation of the codec specified in the JPEG-2000 Part-1 standard. 2019-02-18
scipy public Scientific Library for Python 2019-02-18
regex public Alternative regular expression module, to replace re. 2019-02-18
redis-py public Python client for Redis key-value store 2019-02-18
python-cdo public Use CDO in the context of Python as if it would be a native library 2019-02-18
ghp-import public Copy your docs directly to the gh-pages branch 2019-02-18
knitty public Reproducible report generation tool via Jupyter, Pandoc and Markdown. Contains fork of the Notedown. 2019-02-18
hypothesis public A library for property based testing 2019-02-18
hyperspyui public HyperSpyUI tries to bring a streamlined user interface to the powerful multi-dimensional analysis capabilities of HyperSpy. HyperSpy is an open source Python library which provides tools to facilitate data analysis of multidimensional datasets. HyperSpy aims at making it easy and natural to apply analytical procedures that operate on an individual signal to multidimensional arrays, as well as providing easy access to analytical tools that exploit the multidimensionality of the dataset. While the UI tries to create a simple and intuitive interface to HyperSpy, it still retains the raw power of HyperSpy via the UI’s built in IPython console, which runs on the same Python kernel as the UI. 2019-02-18
asammdf public ASAM MDF measurement data file parser 2019-02-18
libint public Libint is a high-performance library for computing Gaussian integrals in quantum mechanics 2019-02-18
libsodium public A modern and easy-to-use crypto library. 2019-02-18
coreutils public The GNU Core Utilities are the basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities of the GNU operating system. 2019-02-18
azure-storage-blob public Microsoft Azure Storage Blob Client Library for Python 2019-02-18
mss public A web service based tool to plan atmospheric research flights. 2019-02-18
cmake public CMake is an extensible, open-source system that manages the build process 2019-02-18
icu public International Components for Unicode. 2019-02-18
tuiview public Simple raster viewer. Supports Geolinked Windows, Raster Attribute Querying and Editing and Geographic Selection, Vector Overlay, Flicker, Profile Tool. 2019-02-18
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