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Package Name Access Summary Updated
albumentations public Fast image augmentation library and easy to use wrapper around other libraries 2020-07-10
conan public Conan C/C++ package manager 2020-07-10
paramspace public Dictionary-based, multi-dimensional parameter space iteration 2020-07-10
oslo.serialization public Oslo Serialization library 2020-07-10
rw public rw calculates rank-width and rank-decompositions 2020-07-10
static-frame public Immutable structures for one- and two-dimensional calculations with labelled axis 2020-07-10
mpb public MIT Photonic-Bands - computation of photonic band structures in periodic media 2020-07-10
pytorch-lightning public PyTorch Lightning is the lightweight PyTorch wrapper for ML researchers. Scale your models. Write less boilerplate. 2020-07-10
isort public A Python utility / library to sort Python imports. 2020-07-10
pystac public Python library for working with Spatiotemporal Asset Catalog (STAC). 2020-07-10
r-lfe public Transforms away factors with many levels prior to doing an OLS. Useful for estimating linear models with multiple group fixed effects, and for estimating linear models which uses factors with many levels as pure control variables. Includes support for instrumental variables, conditional F statistics for weak instruments, robust and multi-way clustered standard errors, as well as limited mobility bias correction. 2020-07-10
pytest-xdist public py.test xdist plugin for distributed testing and loop-on-failing modes 2020-07-10
awslogs public awslogs is a simple command line tool to read aws cloudwatch logs. 2020-07-10
alive-progress public An animated and smart Progress Bar for python. 2020-07-10
xpdsim public A simulation environment for experiments at the XPD beamline at NSLS-II 2020-07-09
r-rlang public A toolbox for working with base types, core R features like the condition system, and core 'Tidyverse' features like tidy evaluation. 2020-07-09
esmtools public a toolbox for Earth System Model analysis 2020-07-09
qcodes public Modular data acquisition and analysis framework 2020-07-09
pesummary public Python package to produce summary pages for Parameter estimation codes 2020-07-09
pymeep public Free finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) software for electromagnetic simulations 2020-07-09
sentencepiece public SentencePiece is an unsupervised text tokenizer and detokenizer mainly for Neural Network-based text generation systems where the vocabulary size is predetermined prior to the neural model training. 2020-07-09
yggdrasil public A framework for connecting computational models from multiple languages. 2020-07-09
radical.utils public Shared code and tools for various RADICAL Projects ( 2020-07-09
forcebalance public Automated force field optimization. 2020-07-09
anndata public An annotated data matrix. 2020-07-09
awscli public Universal Command Line Environment for AWS. 2020-07-09
opencensus-ext-azure public OpenCensus Azure Monitor Exporters 2020-07-09
pyngrok public A Python wrapper for ngrok 2020-07-09
cliquer public No Summary 2020-07-09
r-pillar public Provides 'pillar' and 'colonnade' generics designed for formatting columns of data using the full range of colours provided by modern terminals. 2020-07-09
airflow-with-emr public Airflow is a platform to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows 2020-07-09
arrow-cpp-proc public A meta-package to select Arrow build variant 2020-07-09
biorbd-casadi public Biomechanical add-ons to the RigidBody Dynamics Library 2020-07-09
airflow-with-ssh public Airflow is a platform to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows 2020-07-09 public AiiDA, an automated interactive infrastructure and database for computational science 2020-07-09
boto3 public Amazon Web Services SDK for Python 2020-07-09
gap-core public GAP - Groups, Algorithms, Programming, a System for Computational Discrete Algebra 2020-07-09
gap public GAP - Groups, Algorithms, Programming, a System for Computational Discrete Algebra 2020-07-09
gap-defaults public GAP - Groups, Algorithms, Programming, a System for Computational Discrete Algebra 2020-07-09
depinfo public List a package's direct dependencies and their versions. 2020-07-09
r-widgetframe public Provides two functions 'frameableWidget()', and 'frameWidget()'. The 'frameableWidget()' is used to add extra code to a 'htmlwidget' which allows is to be rendered correctly inside a responsive 'iframe'. The 'frameWidget()' is a 'htmlwidget' which displays content of another 'htmlwidget' inside a responsive 'iframe'. These functions allow for easier embedding of 'htmlwidgets' in content management systems such as 'wordpress', 'blogger' etc. They also allow for separation of widget content from main HTML content where CSS of the main HTML could interfere with the widget. 2020-07-09
r-sparklyr public R interface to Apache Spark, a fast and general engine for big data processing, see <>. This package supports connecting to local and remote Apache Spark clusters, provides a 'dplyr' compatible back-end, and provides an interface to Spark's built-in machine learning algorithms. 2020-07-09
nlohmann_fifo_map public FIFO-ordered associative container for C++ 2020-07-09
pytest-localftpserver public A PyTest plugin which provides an FTP fixture for your tests 2020-07-09
asammdf public ASAM MDF measurement data file parser 2020-07-09
botocore public Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3. 2020-07-09
sporco public Sparse Optimisation Research Code: A Python package for sparse coding a nd dictionary learning 2020-07-09
monty public Monty is the missing complement to Python. 2020-07-09
graphene-django public Graphene Django integration 2020-07-09
lxml public Pythonic binding for the C libraries libxml2 and libxslt. 2020-07-09
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