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Package Name Access Summary Updated
hopcroftkarp public a module to find a maximum matching in bipartite graphs 2018-06-21
r-lda public Implements latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) and related models. This includes (but is not limited to) sLDA, corrLDA, and the mixed-membership stochastic blockmodel. Inference for all of these models is implemented via a fast collapsed Gibbs sampler written in C. Utility functions for reading/writing data typically used in topic models, as well as tools for examining posterior distributions are also included. 2018-06-21
sagenb public The Sage Notebook 2018-06-21
boost public Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. 2018-06-21
boost-cpp public Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. 2018-06-21
r-statnet.common public Non-statistical utilities used by the software developed by the Statnet Project. They may also be of use to others. 2018-06-21
r-rcppcnpy public The 'cnpy' library written by Carl Rogers provides read and write facilities for files created with (or for) the 'NumPy' extension for 'Python'. Vectors and matrices of numeric types can be read or written to and from files as well as compressed files. Support for integer files is available if the package has been built with -std=c++11 which should be the default on all platforms since the release of R 3.3.0. 2018-06-21
py2cytoscape public Python utilities for Cytoscape and Cytoscape.js 2018-06-21
r-ggplotify public Convert plot function call (using expression or formula) to 'grob' or 'ggplot' object that compatible to the 'grid' and 'ggplot2' ecosystem. With this package, we are able to e.g. using 'cowplot' to align plots produced by 'base' graphics, 'grid', 'lattice', 'vcd' etc. by converting them to 'ggplot' objects. 2018-06-21
sphinxcontrib-golangdomain public Sphinx extension sphinxcontrib-golangdomain 2018-06-21
sphinxcontrib-dotnetdomain public A Sphinx extension for running sphinx-apidoc on each build. 2018-06-21
sphinxcontrib-apidoc public A Sphinx extension for running sphinx-apidoc on each build. 2018-06-21
flask-autoindex public Generates index page like mod_autoindex 2018-06-21
czmq public High-level C binding for 0MQ 2018-06-21
flask-silk public Adds silk icons to your Flask application or blueprint, or extension 2018-06-21
perl-sys-cpu public Perl extension for getting CPU information. Currently only number of CPU's supported. 2018-06-21
flask-oldsessions public Implementation of the old session system in Flask 2018-06-21
ipyleaflet public A Jupyter widget for dynamic Leaflet maps 2018-06-21
awscli public Universal Command Line Environment for AWS. 2018-06-20
botocore public Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3. 2018-06-20
boto3 public Amazon Web Services SDK for Python 2018-06-20
amptools public Fetch and process strong motion waveform/peak amplitude data. 2018-06-20
gawk public The awk utility interprets a special-purpose programming language that makes it easy to handle simple data-reformatting jobs. 2018-06-20
xtensor-python public Python bindings for xtensor, the C++ tensor algebra library 2018-06-20
geos public Geometry Engine - Open Source. 2018-06-20
google-cloud-sdk public Command-line interface for Google Cloud Platform products and services 2018-06-20
xtl public The QuantStack tools library 2018-06-20
beem public beem is an unofficial python library for steem. 2018-06-20
bunch public No Summary 2018-06-20
axopy public Human-computer interface experimentation library 2018-06-20
arrow public Better dates & times for Python. 2018-06-20
bagit public Work with BagIt packages from Python 2018-06-20
blinker public Fast, simple object-to-object and broadcast signaling 2018-06-20
appmode public A Jupyter extensions that turns notebooks into web applications. 2018-06-20
awesome-slugify public Python flexible slugify function 2018-06-20
path-and-address public Functions for server CLI applications used by humans. 2018-06-20
alabaster public Configurable, Python 2+3 compatible Sphinx theme. 2018-06-20
antlr public ANother Tool for Language Recognition (ANTLR). 2018-06-20
pypy3.5 public PyPy is a Python interpreter and just-in-time compiler. 2018-06-20
racket public The Racket Programming Language 2018-06-20
conda-devenv public A tool to work with multiple projects in develop-mode using conda-env. 2018-06-20
iris-ued public Ultrafast electron diffraction data exploration 2018-06-20
msprime public A fast and accurate coalescent simulator. 2018-06-20
beakerx public Beaker Extensions for Jupyter and Jupyter Lab 2018-06-20
fresnel public Path tracing for soft matter simulations. 2018-06-20
gsd public General simulation data 2018-06-20
appdirs public A small Python module for determining appropriate platform-specific dirs 2018-06-20
rasterio public Rasterio reads and writes geospatial raster datasets. 2018-06-20
fastavro public Fast read/write of AVRO files 2018-06-20
galario public Gpu Accelerated Library for Analysing Radio Interferometer Observations 2018-06-20
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