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Package Name Access Summary Updated
boto3 public Amazon Web Services SDK for Python 2019-02-23
msprime public A fast and accurate coalescent simulator. 2019-02-22
conda public OS-agnostic, system-level binary package and environment manager. 2019-02-22
git public distributed version control system 2019-02-22
hypothesis public A library for property based testing 2019-02-22
conda-forge-pinning public The baseline versions of software for the conda-forge ecosystem 2019-02-22
conda-smithy None The tool for managing conda-forge feedstocks 2019-02-22
pysocks public A Python SOCKS client module. See for more information. 2019-02-21
r-rgdal public Provides bindings to Frank Warmerdam's Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) (>= 1.6.3) and access to projection/transformation operations from the PROJ.4 library. The GDAL and PROJ.4 libraries are external to the package, and, when installing the package from source, must be correctly installed first. Both GDAL raster and OGR vector map data can be imported into R, and GDAL raster data and OGR vector data exported. Use is made of classes defined in the sp package. Windows and Mac Intel OS X binaries (including GDAL, PROJ.4 and Expat) are provided on CRAN. 2019-02-21
ncl public NCAR Command Language 2019-02-21
pip public PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages 2019-02-21
configparser public This library brings the updated configparser from Python 3.5 to Python 2.6-3.5 2019-02-21
poliastro public Python package for Orbital Mechanics 2019-02-21
asn1crypto public Python ASN.1 library with a focus on performance and a pythonic API 2019-02-21
six public Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities 2019-02-21
nco public Suite of programs for manipulating NetCDF/HDF4 files. 2019-02-21
esmf public The Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF) is software for building and coupling weather, climate, and related models. 2019-02-20
chemfiles-lib public Modern library for chemistry file reading and writing 2019-02-20
pygithub public Python library implementing the GitHub API v3 2019-02-20
wheel public A built-package format for Python. 2019-02-20
libssh2 public No Summary 2019-02-20
setuptools public Download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages 2019-02-20
python public General purpose programming language. 2019-02-20
pyzmq public Python bindings for zeromq 2019-02-19
twine public Collection of utilities for interacting with PyPI 2019-02-19
compliance-checker public Checks Datasets and SOS endpoints for standards compliance 2019-02-19
r-ape public Functions for reading, writing, plotting, and manipulating phylogenetic trees, analyses of comparative data in a phylogenetic framework, ancestral character analyses, analyses of diversification and macroevolution, computing distances from DNA sequences, reading and writing nucleotide sequences as well as importing from BioConductor, and several tools such as Mantel's test, generalized skyline plots, graphical exploration of phylogenetic data (alex, trex, kronoviz), estimation of absolute evolutionary rates and clock-like trees using mean path lengths and penalized likelihood, dating trees with non-contemporaneous sequences, translating DNA into AA sequences, and assessing sequence alignments. Phylogeny estimation can be done with the NJ, BIONJ, ME, MVR, SDM, and triangle methods, and several methods handling incomplete distance matrices (NJ*, BIONJ*, MVR*, and the corresponding triangle method). Some functions call external applications (PhyML, Clustal, T-Coffee, Muscle) whose results are returned into R. 2019-02-19
r-lexicon public A collection of lexical hash tables, dictionaries, and word lists. 2019-02-19
newrelic public New Relic Python Agent 2019-02-19
magics public ECMWF's Meteorological plotting software 2019-02-19
cfunits public A python interface to UNIDATA`s Udunits-2 package with CF extensions 2019-02-19
eccodes public ECMWF ecCodes Copyright 2005-2018 ECMWF. 2019-02-18
ca-certificates public Certificates for use with other packages. 2019-02-18
zeromq public A high-performance asynchronous messaging library. 2019-02-18
scipy public Scientific Library for Python 2019-02-18
libsodium public A modern and easy-to-use crypto library. 2019-02-18
icu public International Components for Unicode. 2019-02-18
jpeg public read/write jpeg COM, EXIF, IPTC medata 2019-02-18
fs.sshfs public Pyfilesystem2 over SSH using paramiko 2019-02-17
tk public A dynamic programming language with GUI support. Bundles Tcl and Tk. 2019-02-16
flake8-comprehensions public A flake8 plugin that helps you write better list/set/dict comprehensions. 2019-02-14
cdo public CLI tools to manipulate and analyse Climate and NWP model Data. 2019-02-14
pyopencl public Python wrapper for OpenCL 2019-02-13
llvmdev public Development headers and libraries for LLVM 2019-02-13
ruamel.yaml public A YAML package for Python. It is a derivative of Kirill Simonov's PyYAML 3.11 which supports YAML1.1 2019-02-13
assimulo public A package for solving ordinary differential equations and differential algebraic equations. 2019-02-13
pyjanitor public Python implementation of the R package janitor. 2019-02-13
pocl public Portable Computing Language -- a CPU OpenCL implementation 2019-02-13
prov public A library for W3C Provenance Data Model supporting PROV-JSON and PROV-XML 2019-02-12
gtest public Google's C++ test framework 2019-02-12
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