A tool for exploring correlations. It makes it possible to easily perform routine tasks when exploring correlation matrices such as ignoring the diagonal, focusing on the correlations of certain variables against others, or rearranging and visualising the matrix in terms of the strength of the correlations.

Type Size Name Uploaded Uploader Downloads Labels
conda 99.7 kB | noarch/r-corrr-0.3.2-r351h6115d3f_0.tar.bz2  2 months and 5 days ago conda-forge 230 main
conda 117.6 kB | noarch/r-corrr-0.3.1-r351h6115d3f_0.tar.bz2  3 months and 19 days ago conda-forge 318 main
conda 163.5 kB | noarch/r-corrr-0.3.0-r351h6115d3f_1000.tar.bz2  6 months and 14 days ago conda-forge 554 main gcc7 cf201901
conda 163.4 kB | noarch/r-corrr-0.3.0-r351h6115d3f_0.tar.bz2  6 months and 14 days ago conda-forge 535 main gcc7 cf201901
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