The open source spice simulator for electric and electronic circuits

copied from cf-staging / ngspice-exe


  • linux-64 v38
  • osx-64 v38
  • win-64 v38

conda install

To install this package run one of the following:
conda install -c conda-forge ngspice-exe


ngspice is the open source spice simulator for electric and electronic circuits.

Such a circuit may comprise of JFETs, bipolar and MOS transistors, passive elements like R, L, or C, diodes, transmission lines and other devices, all interconnected in a netlist. Digital circuits are simulated as well, event driven and fast, from single gates to complex circuits. And you may enter the combination of both analog and digital as a mixed-signal circuit.

ngspice offers a wealth of device models for active, passive, analog, and digital elements. Model parameters are provided by the semiconductor manufacturers. The user add her circuits as a netlist, and the output is one or more graphs of currents, voltages and other electrical quantities or is saved in a data file.

Note: This build was configured with --enable-xspice --enable-cider --enable=openmp See the build script for more specifics.

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