conda-forge / packages / image-meta-tag 0.7.8

Image metadata tagging, database and presentation


Info: This package contains files in non-standard labels.

conda install

  • linux-64  v0.7.8
  • osx-64  v0.7.8
To install this package with conda run one of the following:
conda install -c conda-forge image-meta-tag
conda install -c conda-forge/label/cf201901 image-meta-tag


ImageMetaTag is a python package built around a wrapper for savefig in matplotlib, which adds metadata tags to supported image file formats. Once the images have been tagged, it can also be used to manage an SQL database of images and their metadata. The image metadata can be used to produce an ImageMetaTag.ImageDict object: a structured/heirachical dictionary of dictionaries which can be used to easily create web pages to present large numbers of images.

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