Byobu is a text-based window manager and terminal multiplexer.


Info: This package contains files in non-standard labels.

conda install

  • linux-64  v5.133
  • osx-64  v5.133
To install this package with conda run one of the following:
conda install -c conda-forge byobu
conda install -c conda-forge/label/cf201901 byobu
conda install -c conda-forge/label/cf202003 byobu


Byobu was originally designed to provide elegant enhancements to the otherwise functional, plain, practical GNU Screen, for the Ubuntu server distribution. Byobu now includes an enhanced profiles, convenient keybindings, configuration utilities, and toggle-able system status notifications for both the GNU Screen window manager and the more modern Tmux terminal multiplexer, and works on most Linux, BSD, and Mac distributions.

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