An extension to reStructuredText and Sphinx to be able to read and render the Doxygen xml output.


Info: This package contains files in non-standard labels.

conda install

  • linux-64  v4.9.1
  • win-32  v4.9.1
  • noarch  v4.13.0
  • osx-64  v4.9.1
  • win-64  v4.9.1
To install this package with conda run one of the following:
conda install -c conda-forge breathe
conda install -c conda-forge/label/gcc7 breathe
conda install -c conda-forge/label/cf201901 breathe


Breathe provides a bridge between the Sphinx and Doxygen documentation systems.

It is an easy way to include Doxygen information in a set of documentation generated by Sphinx. The aim is to produce an autodoc like support for people who enjoy using Sphinx but work with languages other than Python. The system relies on the Doxygen’s xml output.

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