RNAcode - Analyze the protein coding potential in multiple sequence alignments RNAcode relies on evolutionary signatures including synonymous/conservative mutations and conservation of the reading frame. It does not use any species specific sequence characteristics whatsoever and does not use any machine learning techniques.

Type Size Name Uploaded Uploader Downloads Labels
conda 170.1 kB | linux-64/rnacode-0.3-h779adbc_2.tar.bz2  10 months and 1 day ago bioconda 636 main
conda 624.5 kB | linux-64/rnacode-0.3-1.tar.bz2  3 years and 7 months ago bioconda 2234 main cf201901
conda 657.2 kB | linux-64/rnacode-0.3-0.tar.bz2  6 years and 20 days ago N/A 2062 main cf201901

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