Assertive check functions for defensive R programming. goalie is an attempt to incorporate elements of multiple assertive check packages into a single package with as few dependencies as possible. All assertive checks are written in the most basic R code possible, without reliance on compilation (e.g. C++/Rcpp). It is still a work in progress, and feature requests are welcome.

Type Size Name Uploaded Uploader Downloads Labels
conda 250.5 kB | linux-64/r-goalie-0.2.9-r351_0.tar.bz2  2 months and 23 days ago bioconda 39 main
conda 252.1 kB | osx-64/r-goalie-0.2.9-r351_0.tar.bz2  2 months and 23 days ago bioconda 171 main
conda 250.8 kB | linux-64/r-goalie-0.2.8-r351_0.tar.bz2  3 months and 7 days ago bioconda 86 main
conda 251.5 kB | osx-64/r-goalie-0.2.8-r351_0.tar.bz2  3 months and 7 days ago bioconda 207 main
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