bioconda / packages / bioconductor-paxtoolsr 1.20.0

PaxtoolsR: Access Pathways from Multiple Databases through BioPAX and Pathway Commons


conda install

  • noarch  v1.20.0
To install this package with conda run:
conda install -c bioconda bioconductor-paxtoolsr


The package provides a set of R functions for interacting with BioPAX OWL files using Paxtools and the querying Pathway Commons (PC) molecular interaction database that are hosted by the Computational Biology Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). Pathway Commons databases include: BIND, BioGRID, CORUM, CTD, DIP, DrugBank, HPRD, HumanCyc, IntAct, KEGG, MirTarBase, Panther, PhosphoSitePlus, Reactome, RECON, TRANSFAC.

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