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Package containing example and annotation data for Hipathia package. Hipathia is a method for the computation of signal transduction along signaling pathways from transcriptomic data. The method is based on an iterative algorithm which is able to compute the signal intensity passing through the nodes of a network by taking into account the level of expression of each gene and the intensity of the signal arriving to it. It also provides a new approach to functional analysis allowing to compute the signal arriving to the functions annotated to each pathway. Hipathia depends on this package to be functional.

Type Size Name Uploaded Uploader Downloads Labels
conda 13.3 kB | noarch/bioconductor-hpannot-1.0.1-r40_3.tar.bz2  5 months and 16 days ago bioconda 22 main
conda 12.9 kB | noarch/bioconductor-hpannot-1.0.1-r36_2.tar.bz2  11 months and 25 days ago bioconda 39 main
conda 6.6 kB | noarch/bioconductor-hpannot-1.0.1-r36_1.tar.bz2  1 year and 3 months ago bioconda 53 main
conda 6.3 kB | noarch/bioconductor-hpannot-1.0.1-r351_0.tar.bz2  1 year and 5 months ago bioconda 81 main
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