Quantopian / packages / pandas-datareader 0.5.0

Data readers extracted from the pandas codebase,should be compatible with recent pandas versions


conda install

  • osx-64  v0.5.0
To install this package with conda run:
conda install -c quantopian pandas-datareader



Up to date remote data access for pandas, works for multiple versions of pandas.

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Install latest release version via pip ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

.. code-block:: shell

$ pip install pandas-datareader

Install latest development version ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

.. code-block:: shell

$ pip install git+https://github.com/pydata/pandas-datareader.git


.. code-block:: shell

$ git clone https://github.com/pydata/pandas-datareader.git
$ python setup.py install


Starting in 0.19.0, pandas no longer supports pandas.io.data or pandas.io.wb, so you must replace your imports from pandas.io with those from pandas_datareader:

.. code-block:: python

from pandas.io import data, wb # becomes from pandas_datareader import data, wb

Many functions from the data module have been included in the top level API.

.. code-block:: python

import pandasdatareader as pdr pdr.getdata_yahoo('AAPL')

See the pandas-datareader documentation <https://pandas-datareader.readthedocs.io/>_ for more details.

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