Quantopian / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
zipline None No Summary 2020-01-21
trading-calendars public trading_calendars is a Python library with securities exchange calendars used by Quantopian's Zipline. 2020-01-08
requests public Python HTTP for Humans. 2019-12-04
bcolz public columnar and compressed data containers. 2019-11-27
iso4217 public ISO 4217 currency data package for Python 2019-11-27
python-interface public Pythonic Interface definitions 2019-11-27
iso3166 public Self-contained ISO 3166-1 country definitions. 2018-09-10
ta-lib None No Summary 2018-07-17
numexpr public No Summary 2018-07-17
lru-dict public A fast and memory efficient LRU cache. 2018-07-17
logbook None No Summary 2018-07-17
intervaltree public Editable interval tree data structure for Python 2 and 3 2018-07-17
cyordereddict public No Summary 2018-07-17
setuptools_scm public the blessed package to manage your versions by scm tags 2018-07-17
empyrical public empyrical is a Python library with performance and risk statistics commonly used in quantitative finance 2018-06-18
alembic public No Summary 2018-06-15
parameterized public Parameterized testing with any Python test framework 2017-11-22
pandas-datareader public Data readers extracted from the pandas codebase,should be compatible with recent pandas versions 2017-10-11
requests-ftp public FTP Transport Adapter for Requests. 2017-10-11
sortedcontainers public Python Sorted Container Types: SortedList, SortedDict, and SortedSet 2017-05-22
cachetools public Extensible memoizing collections and decorators 2016-12-01
metautils public No Summary 2016-12-01
conda-build public No Summary 2016-12-01
pyfolio public pyfolio is a Python library for performance and risk analysis of financial portfolios 2016-12-01
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