potassco / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
clorm public ORM interface for the Clingo ASP Solver 2020-07-11
clingo-lp public clingo with theory propagator for linear programming 2020-06-17
clingo-dl public A solver for logic programs with difference constraints. 2020-06-04
clingcon public A solver for logic programs with linear constraints over Integers. 2020-05-04
clingo public A grounder and solver for logic programs. 2020-04-30
asprin public Qualitative and quantitative optimization in answer set programming. 2020-03-19
telingo public A solver for temporal logic programs. 2020-03-09
asprilo-visualizer public A tool to visualize asprilo problem instances 2019-07-02
asprilo-generator public An instance generator for asprilo 2019-07-02
aspcud public A solver for package problems in CUDF format using ASP 2018-05-29
re2c public A lexer generator for C and C++ 2018-05-28
tbb public A high level abstract threading library 2018-05-28
win_flex_bison public A port of the Flex & Bison tools to the Windows platform 2018-05-28
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