jmcmurray / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
req public HTTP requests library for Q, with support for custom headers, redirects & cookies 2021-06-18
worker public Simple library for spawning Q worker processes 2020-10-06
ws-client public Module for WebSocket client connections 2020-02-18
qhttps public No Summary 2020-01-27
plot public Simple plots for kdb+/q 2019-08-17
os public OS functions, test system commands on current platform 2019-03-19
qspec public Spec Testing Library for the Q Language by Dan Nugent 2019-02-05
ws-server public Module for WebSocket pub/sub functionality 2019-02-05
ws-handler public Module for WebSocket connection handling 2019-02-05
https-redirect public HTTP to HTTPS redirection for q 2018-12-10
webapi public Library for creating a web/HTTP api powered by kdb+/q 2018-12-01
serve public Simple HTTP server, allows for serving up static content, with a mechanism to tell clients to refresh page via WebSockets. 2018-06-20
json public Provide JSON decoding/encoding for older kdb+ versions 2018-06-18
console public Functions for changing console size, automatically maximize 2018-06-18
port public Ensure kdb+ is running on a port, randomly select one if not 2018-06-18
log public Simple set of logging functions, coloured where supported 2018-06-18
qutil public Q utilities by Dan Nugent, including package loading with version support 2018-06-18

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