ivoflipse / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
webruntime public Launch web apps making them look like desktop apps. 2018-09-13
pscript public library for transpiling Python code to JavaScript. 2018-09-13
flexx public Python UI tookit based on web technology 2018-09-13
newrelic public New Relic Python Agent 2017-06-07
defusedxml public No Summary 2016-12-01
pypubsub public No Summary 2016-12-01
pawlabeling public No Summary 2016-12-01
azure-storage public Microsoft Azure Storage Client Library for Python 2016-12-01
conda-build public No Summary 2016-12-01
imageio public Library for reading and writing a wide range of image, video, scientific, and volumetric data formats. 2016-12-01
mongoengine public MongoEngine is a Python Object-Document Mapper for working with MongoDB. 2016-12-01
coverage public Code coverage measurement for Python 2016-12-01
rednose public coloured output for nosetests 2016-12-01
python-termstyle public console colouring for python 2016-12-01
pymongo public Python driver for MongoDB <http://www.mongodb.org> 2016-12-01
pytest public pytest: simple powerful testing with Python 2016-12-01
argparse public Python command-line parsing library 2016-12-01
commonmark None Python parser for the CommonMark Markdown spec 2016-12-01
billiard public Python multiprocessing fork with improvements and bugfixes 2016-12-01
redis None Python client for Redis key-value store 2016-12-01
wheel None A built-package format for Python. 2016-12-01
sql_novice_survey None No Summary 2016-12-01
pyyaml None YAML parser and emitter for Python 2016-12-01
pandocfilters None Utilities for writing pandoc filters in python 2016-12-01
pyladies None Everything you need to start your own PyLadies location 2016-12-01
sphinx_rtd_theme None ReadTheDocs.org theme for Sphinx, 2013 version. 2016-12-01
pathlib None Object-oriented filesystem paths 2016-12-01
CacheControl None httplib2 caching for requests 2016-12-01
requests-futures None Asynchronous Python HTTP for Humans. 2016-12-01
pybreaker None Python implementation of the Circuit Breaker pattern 2016-12-01
pypdf2 None PDF toolkit 2016-12-01
python-logstash None Python logging handler for Logstash. 2016-12-01
zc.lockfile None Basic inter-process locks 2016-12-01
path.py None A module wrapper for os.path 2016-12-01
mechanize None Stateful programmatic web browsing. 2016-12-01
lockfile None Platform-independent file locking module 2016-12-01
pbr None Python Build Reasonableness 2016-12-01
azure None Windows Azure client APIs 2016-12-01
python-dateutil None Extensions to the standard Python datetime module 2016-12-01
appdirs None A small Python module for determining appropriate " + "platform-specific dirs, e.g. a "user data dir". 2016-12-01
pymatlab None A pythonic interface to MATLAB 2016-12-01
py2neo None Python client library for the Neo4j REST server 2016-12-01
imreg None The "imreg" package implements fast image registration methods using Python, Cython and numerical tools (scipy, numpy). 2016-12-01
pydicom None No Summary 2016-12-01
shapely None No Summary 2016-12-01
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