dgursoy / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
dxfile None Reader for Data Exchange files part of tomopy a set of python routines for data analysis of x-ray tomography experiments 2016-12-01
dxchange public Data I/O for tomography. 2016-12-01
tomopy None Tomographic reconstruction in Python 2016-12-01
gcc-5 public The GNU Compiler Collection 2016-12-01
pywavelets None PyWavelets, wavelet transform module 2016-12-01
python-coveralls None Show coverage stats online via coveralls.io 2016-12-01
tifffile None Read and write image data from and to TIFF files 2016-12-01
edffile None Reader for EDF files part of the PyMCA X-ray Fluorescence Toolkit 2016-12-01
spefile None Reader for SPE files part of pyspec a set of python routines for data analysis of x-ray scattering experiments 2016-12-01
xraylib public A library for X-ray matter interaction cross sections for X-ray fluorescence applications. 2016-12-01
pyfftw public A pythonic wrapper around FFTW, the FFT library, presenting a unified interface for all the supported transforms. 2016-12-01
fftw public The fastest Fourier transform in the west. 2016-12-01

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