bccp / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
fitsio public A full featured python library to read from and write to FITS files. 2020-04-28
healpy public Healpix tools package for Python 2020-03-20
fastpm public FastPM in Python 2020-03-20
nbodykit public Analysis kit for large-scale structure datasets, the massively parallel way 2020-03-20
cachey public Caching mindful of computation/storage costs 2020-03-20
bigfile public python binding of BigFile, a peta scale IO format 2020-03-20
pmesh public Particle Mesh in Python 2020-03-20
pfft-python public python binding of PFFT, a massively parallel FFT library 2020-03-20
mpsort public python binding of MP-sort, a peta scale sorting routine 2020-03-20
python-mpi-bcast public Launching Python Applications with MPI Broadcast 2020-03-18
halotools public Package designed to analyze N-body simulations and constrain models of cosmology and galaxy evolution. 2020-02-06
fake_spectra public A code for generating fake spectra from a cosmological simulation 2020-02-06
runtests public Running pytest tests the reproducible way. 2020-01-20
mpi4py_test public No Summary 2019-07-29
mcfit public Multiplicatively convolutional fast integral transforms 2019-07-29
kdcount public A slower KDTree cross correlator 2019-07-29
corrfunc public Blazing fast correlation functions on the CPU 2019-07-29
classylss public python binding of CLASS for large-scale structure calculations 2019-07-29
vmad public Optimization of abstract data types in Python 2019-07-29
abopt public Optimization of abstract data types in Python 2019-07-29
cfastpm public FastPM 2019-07-28
openmpi public An open source Message Passing Interface implementation. 2019-05-13
pytorch-cpu public pytorch without GPU, but with MPI 2018-09-11
mpich2 public No Summary 2018-06-14
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