astropy / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
spherical-geometry public No Summary 2018-10-19
cluster-lensing public No Summary 2018-07-21
pyvo public No Summary 2018-06-29
astropy-sphinx-theme public The sphinx theme for Astropy and affiliated packages 2018-03-23
ccdproc None Astropy affiliated package for performing optical/IR CCD data reduction 2017-11-02
extruder public No Summary 2017-08-09
astropy-helpers None No Summary 2017-07-07
hgtools None Classes and setuptools plugin for Mercurial repositories 2017-01-24
keyring public Store and access your passwords safely. 2016-12-01
montage-wrapper None Python wrapper for the Montage mosaicking toolkit 2016-12-01
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