Analysis and visualization toolkit for volumetric data


  • linux-ppc64le v4.1.4
  • osx-arm64 v4.1.4
  • linux-64 v4.1.4
  • win-32 v3.6.1
  • linux-aarch64 v4.1.4
  • linux-s390x v4.1.4
  • osx-64 v4.1.4
  • linux-32 v3.4.1
  • win-64 v4.1.4

conda install

To install this package run one of the following:
conda install -c anaconda yt


yt is a community-developed analysis and visualization toolkit for volumetric data. yt has been applied mostly to astrophysical simulation data, but it can be applied to many different types of data including seismology, radio telescope data, weather simulations, and nuclear

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