Library for text-based user interfaces


conda install

  • linux-ppc64le  v6.3
  • osx-arm64  v6.3
  • linux-64  v6.3
  • linux-aarch64  v6.3
  • linux-s390x  v6.3
  • osx-64  v6.3
  • linux-32  v6.1
To install this package with conda run:
conda install -c anaconda ncurses


The ncurses (new curses) library is a free software emulation of curses in System V Release 4.0 (SVr4), and more. It uses terminfo format, supports pads and color and multiple highlights and forms characters and function-key mapping, and has all the other SVr4-curses enhancements over BSD curses. SVr4 curses is better known today as X/Open Curses

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