OS-agnostic, system-level binary package and environment manager.


conda install

  • linux-ppc64le  v4.13.0
  • osx-arm64  v4.13.0
  • linux-64  v4.13.0
  • win-32  v4.13.0
  • linux-aarch64  v4.13.0
  • linux-s390x  v4.13.0
  • osx-64  v4.13.0
  • linux-32  v4.5.12
  • win-64  v4.13.0
To install this package with conda run:
conda install -c anaconda conda


Conda is an open source package management system and environment management system for installing multiple versions of software packages and their dependencies and switching easily between them. It works on Linux, OS X and Windows, and was created for Python programs but can package and distribute any software.

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