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Amazon Web Services SDK for Python


  • linux-ppc64le v1.26.76
  • osx-arm64 v1.26.76
  • linux-64 v1.26.76
  • win-32 v1.24.2
  • noarch v1.21.32
  • linux-aarch64 v1.26.76
  • linux-s390x v1.26.76
  • osx-64 v1.26.76
  • linux-32 v1.9.66
  • win-64 v1.26.76

conda install

To install this package run one of the following:
conda install -c anaconda boto3


Boto3 makes it easy to integrate you Python application, library or script with AWS services. It allows Python developers to write softare that makes use of services like Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2.

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