MOSAIC / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
visu_core public Generic methods and tools for data visualization in VTK, Matplotlib, plotly et al. 2020-10-16
cellcomplex public No Summary 2020-10-13
bvpy public Package providing tools to solve BVP (Boundary Value Problem) and IBVP (Initial Boundary Value Problem). 2020-10-05
geomtree public A package for treating trees augmented with 3D geometry. 2020-08-31
sam_spaghetti public No Summary 2020-08-05
sam_atlas public No Summary 2020-08-05
tissue_nukem_3d public A Python library for the detection and quantitative data extraction from microscopy images of cell nuclei. 2020-08-04
draco_stem public A Python library for the reconstruction of 3D meshes from segmented shoot apical meristem (SAM) tissue images. 2020-08-04
cellmesh public Meshing interface to gmsh for PropertyTopomesh and simple geometries 2020-07-10
femtk public Package providing tools to run FEM simulation on multi-cellular tissues 2020-07-06
treex public treex is a Python library for manipulating rooted trees. The trees can be ordered or not, with or without labels on their vertices. 2020-07-01
simulation_core public Basic abstractions for the definition of simulation models on multi-cellular tissues 2020-06-22
ctrl public Cell Tracking and Robust Lineaging 2020-06-10
tissue2d public Package to simulate growth, division and stiffening of 2D plant tissues 2020-04-08
tissue_paredes public Polarity Analysis through Robust Extraction and Density Estimation of Signal at cell-wall level 2020-03-20
tissue_analysis public An Python library providing image analysis tools to extract quantitative information from 3D segmented tissue images. 2020-03-02
cellfem public Package providing tools to run FEM simulation on multi-cellular tissues 2019-12-09
timagetk public Tissue Image Toolkit is a Python package dedicated to image processing of multicellular architectures such as plants or animals, and is intended for biologists, modelers and computer scientists. 2019-10-24
artificial_tissue public No Summary 2019-09-20
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