InsiliChem / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
ommprotocol public Easy to deploy MD protocols for OpenMM 2020-09-08
gaudi public Genetic Algorithms with Unrestricted Descriptors for Intuitive Molecular Modeling 2020-07-23
tangram_nciplot public UCSF Chimera extension to run and visualize NCIPlot calculations 2020-04-09
tangram public A collection of molecular modelling tools for UCSF Chimera 2019-03-25
tangram_subalign public Use RDKit to align small molecules in UCSF Chimera 2019-03-24
tangram_taladraw public UCSF Chimera extension to build 3D structures out of two-dimensional sketches 2019-03-24
oasa public OASA is a free cheminformatics library written in Python 2019-03-24
bkchem public BKChem is a free molecular drawing program 2019-03-24
drugscorex public A Knowledge-Based Scoring Function for the Assessment of Protein–Ligand Complexes (article: 2019-02-13
pychimera public Use UCSF Chimera Python API in a standard Python 2.7 interpreter. 2019-02-13
autodocktools-prepare public AutoDockTools, or ADT, is the free GUI for AutoDock developed by the same laboratory that develops AutoDock. 2019-02-13
gaudiview public UCSF Chimera extension to explore and analyze GaudiMM & GOLD solutions 2019-02-04
libtangram public Common code for all Tangram extensions 2019-02-04
tangram_vinarelaunch public Easily relaunch failed AutoDock Vina OPAL jobs from UCSF Chimera 2019-02-04
tangram_snfg public 3D implementation of The Symbol Nomenclature For Glycans (SNFG) for UCSF Chimera 2019-02-04
tangram_selection public Experimental Tk widget to select items in UCSF Chimera a la Excel 2019-02-04
tangram_qmsetup public QM and QM/MM calculations setup for UCSF Chimera 2019-02-04
tangram_propkagui public UCSF Chimera extension to depict PropKa 3.1 results 2019-02-04
tangram_popmusicgui public Depict and apply the predictions made by PoPMuSiC calculations in UCSF Chimera 2019-02-04
tangram_orbitraj public Modification of UCSF Chimera's MD Movie extension to play volumetric data 2019-02-04
tangram_normalmodes public An UCSF Chimera interface to perform Normal Mode Analysis (NMA) with ProDy 2019-02-04
tangram_mmsetup public Setup MD calculations with OpenMM and ommprotocol 2019-02-04
tangram_dummyatoms public Easy to prepare MD inputs for metal systems 2019-02-04
tangram_cauchian public QM and QM/MM calculations setup for UCSF Chimera 2019-02-04
tangram_bondorder public Bond order perception extension for UCSF Chimera 2019-02-04
tkintertable public Extendable table class for Tkinter 2019-01-30
propka public pKa predictions for 3D structures 2019-01-30
prody public A Python Package for Protein Dynamics Analysis 2019-01-30
nwchem public Open Source High-Performance Computational Chemistry [BROKEN build! Use your distro package manager in the meantime] 2019-01-24
esigen public Generate Supporting Information reports for Comp Chem studies. 2019-01-22
nciplot public No Summary 2017-10-25
cunci public No Summary 2017-09-04
gaudinspect public A full GUI for launching GaudiMM jobs, analyze their progress, and examine the results. 2017-04-19
deap public Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python 2016-12-01

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