menpo / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
vcomp public Temporary solution to missing vcomp libraries on Windows. 2016-12-01
traits public No Summary 2016-12-01
pyface public No Summary 2016-12-01
traitsui public No Summary 2016-12-01
apptools public No Summary 2016-12-01
envisage public No Summary 2016-12-01
mayavi public The Mayavi scientific data 3-dimensional visualizer. 2016-12-01
arrow public No Summary 2016-12-01
scikit-sparse public No Summary 2016-12-01
cyffld2 None No Summary 2016-12-12
joblib None Lightweight pipelining: using Python functions as pipeline jobs. 2017-01-12
workerbee public No Summary 2017-01-26
opencv3 None No Summary 2017-02-08
menpocli public No Summary 2017-05-09
boost None No Summary 2017-05-09
lsfm public No Summary 2017-05-17
menpowidgets public No Summary 2017-12-03
vtk public No Summary 2018-02-16
pybind11 public Seamless operability between C++11 and Python 2018-02-22
dlib None Modern C++ toolkit containing machine learning algorithms with Python bindings 2018-03-08
landmarkerio None No Summary 2018-07-29
cyvlfeat None No Summary 2019-07-07
menpofit None A deformable modelling toolkit 2019-07-27
menpodetect None The Menpo Project Python package for detecting faces 2019-07-27
menpo3d None The Menpo Project Python package for handling 3D data 2019-11-16
menpo None The Menpo Project Python package for handling annotated data 2020-02-16
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