labscript-suite / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
labscript-devices public Device drivers for hardware controlled by the labscript suite 2021-04-09
blacs public Graphical labscript suite experiment queue and hardware interface 2021-04-09
desktop-app public OS menu shortcuts, correct taskbar behaviour, and environment activation for Python GUI apps 2021-03-05
labscript-utils public Shared utilities for the labscript suite 2021-02-08
windows-curses public Support for the standard curses module on Windows 2021-02-03
labscript-c-extensions public A module containing C-extensions for the labscript suite 2021-02-02
setuptools-conda public Add a dist_conda command to your 2021-02-02
runviewer public A program to view shots compiled by labscript 2021-01-29
runmanager public Graphical control of parameterised experiments composed in labscript 2021-01-29
lyse public Automated analysis queue for labscript suite experiments 2021-01-29
labscript-suite public Meta-package for the labscript suite experiment control and automation system 2021-01-04
pydaqmx public Interface to the National Instruments PyDAQmx driver 2020-10-18
labscript public The labscript compiler — expressive control of harware-timed experiments 2020-06-25
qtutils public PySide2/PyQt5 abstraction layer, mulithreading and UI loader utilities, icon set, and more 2020-06-20
spinapi public Python wrapper around the Spincore PulseBlaster API using ctypes. 2020-06-04
pyqtgraph public Scientific Graphics and GUI Library for Python 2020-06-04
pynivision public Python Wrappers for NI Vision and IMAQdx 2020-06-04
zprocess public A set of utilities for multiprocessing using zeromq. 2020-05-27

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