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Package Name Access Summary Updated
otsubsetinverse public Inverse subset simulation 2020-10-22
otpmml public Meta-modeling exchange module 2020-10-22
pulp public PuLP is an LP modeler written in python. PuLP can generate MPS or LP files and call GLPK, COIN CLP/CBC, CPLEX, and GUROBI to solve linear problems. 2020-10-22
otsvm public SVM module 2020-10-22
vim public Vim is a greatly improved version of the good old UNIX editor Vi 2020-10-22
otmixmod public MixMod module 2020-10-22
otfmi public FMI models manipulation module 2020-10-22
h3-py public Python bindings for H3, a hierarchical hexagonal geospatial indexing system developed by Uber Technologies 2020-10-22
cligj public Click params for commmand line interfaces to GeoJSON. 2020-10-22
otwrapy public General purpose OpenTURNS python wrapper tools 2020-10-22
libgsf public An extensible I/O abstraction library for dealing with structured file formats 2020-10-22
poppler-data public Encoding data for the Poppler PDF manipulation library. 2020-10-22
pythonocc-core public python bindings for opencascade (occt) 2020-10-22
mosdef_cassandra public MoSDeF compatible wrapper for Cassandra Monte Carlo code 2020-10-22
eventlet public Highly concurrent networking library 2020-10-22
pycbc public Core library to analyze gravitational-wave data, find signals, and study their parameters. 2020-10-22
cymem public Manage calls to calloc/free through Cython 2020-10-22
qnorm public Easy and fast quantile normalization in Python 2020-10-22
otfftw public FFTW module 2020-10-22
coredns public CoreDNS is a DNS server written in Go that chains plugins 2020-10-22
gempy public Open-source, implicit 3D structural geological modeling in Python for uncertainty analysis 2020-10-22
r-rotl public An interface to the 'Open Tree of Life' API to retrieve phylogenetic trees, information about studies used to assemble the synthetic tree, and utilities to match taxonomic names to 'Open Tree identifiers'. The 'Open Tree of Life' aims at assembling a comprehensive phylogenetic tree for all named species. 2020-10-22
kartothek public A consistent table management library in python 2020-10-22
tibanna public Tibanna runs portable pipelines (in CWL/WDL) on the AWS Cloud. 2020-10-22
tkwant public Tkwant can simulate time-dependent quantum dynamics of mesoscopic systems. 2020-10-22
pycurl public A Python Interface To The cURL library 2020-10-22
sqsgenerator public A command line tool written in Python/Cython for finding optimized SQS structures 2020-10-22
publish public No Summary 2020-10-22
larrayenv public Meta-package to install LArray and all its optional dependencies 2020-10-22
msal public Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) for Python makes it easy to authenticate to Azure Active Directory 2020-10-22
pyreadstat public read SAS, SPSS and STATA files into pandas data frames 2020-10-22
r-distill public Scientific and technical article format for the web. 'Distill' articles feature attractive, reader-friendly typography, flexible layout options for visualizations, and full support for footnotes and citations. 2020-10-22
frictionqpotfem public Library to run friction simulations based on "GMatElastoPlasticQPot" and "GooseFEM". 2020-10-22
tensorboard-plugin-wit public An easy-to-use interface for expanding understanding of a black-box classification or regression ML model 2020-10-22
r-kableextra public Build complex HTML or 'LaTeX' tables using 'kable()' from 'knitr' and the piping syntax from 'magrittr'. Function 'kable()' is a light weight table generator coming from 'knitr'. This package simplifies the way to manipulate the HTML or 'LaTeX' codes generated by 'kable()' and allows users to construct complex tables and customize styles using a readable syntax. 2020-10-22
r-insight public A tool to provide an easy, intuitive and consistent access to information contained in various R models, like model formulas, model terms, information about random effects, data that was used to fit the model or data from response variables. 'insight' mainly revolves around two types of functions: Functions that find (the names of) information, starting with 'find_', and functions that get the underlying data, starting with 'get_'. The package has a consistent syntax and works with many different model objects, where otherwise functions to access these information are missing. 2020-10-22
pyosp public Python Object-oriented Swath Profile 2020-10-22
google-cloud-cpp public Google Cloud Client Library for C++ 2020-10-22
netgen public this is netgen 2020-10-22
dataprep public Dataprep: Data Preparation in Python 2020-10-22
numpyro public Pyro PPL on NumPy 2020-10-22
pymt public Python package that provides services for coupling BMI components 2020-10-22
vtk public The Visualization Toolkit (VTK) is an open-source, freely available software system for 3D computer graphics, modeling, image processing, volume rendering, scientific visualization, and information visualization. 2020-10-22
awscli public Universal Command Line Environment for AWS. 2020-10-22
boto3 public Amazon Web Services SDK for Python 2020-10-22
botocore public Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3. 2020-10-22
pcdsdevices public Collection of Ophyd device subclasses for IOCs unique to the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) at SLAC 2020-10-22
pymt_sedflux public sedflux components wrapped as PyMT plugins. 2020-10-22
pyexcel-xls public A wrapper library to read, manipulate and write data in xls using xlrd and xlwt 2020-10-22
vitables public ViTables, a GUI for PyTables 2020-10-22
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