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Package Name Access Summary Updated
r-rzmq public Interface to the 'ZeroMQ' lightweight messaging kernel (see <> for more information). 2019-04-19
terraform-provider-aws public The Terraform AWS provider 2019-04-19
terraform-provider-kubernetes public The Terraform Kubernetes provider 2019-04-19
terraform-provider-google public The Terraform Google provider 2019-04-19
terraform-provider-http public The Terraform HTTP provider 2019-04-19
apispec public A pluggable API specification generator 2019-04-19
jupyter-hdfscm public A Jupyter ContentsManager for HDFS 2019-04-19
ptvsd public Python debugger package for use with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code 2019-04-19
betsee public BETSEE, the BioElectric Tissue Simulation Engine Environment 2019-04-19
davix public High-performance data access client for HTTP-based protocols. (WebDAV / S3 / Microsoft Azure / HTTP) 2019-04-19
root public Data Analysis Framework 2019-04-19
newrelic public New Relic Python Agent 2019-04-18
awscli public Universal Command Line Environment for AWS. 2019-04-18
boto3 public Amazon Web Services SDK for Python 2019-04-18
libsolv public Library for solving packages and reading repositories 2019-04-18
torsiondrive public Dihedral scanner with wavefront propagation 2019-04-18
gsoap public The most advanced C/C++ autocoding tools for XML Web service APIs and other XML applications 2019-04-18
botocore public Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3. 2019-04-18
s3fs public Convenient Filesystem interface over S3 2019-04-18
r-sdmtools public This packages provides a set of tools for post processing the outcomes of species distribution modeling exercises. It includes novel methods for comparing models and tracking changes in distributions through time. It further includes methods for visualizing outcomes, selecting thresholds, calculating measures of accuracy and landscape fragmentation statistics, etc.. This package was made possible in part by financial support from the Australian Research Council & ARC Research Network for Earth System Science. 2019-04-18
flask-rest-api public DB agnostic framework to build auto-documented REST APIs with Flask and marshmallow 2019-04-18
azure-mgmt-compute public Microsoft Azure Client Libraries for Python 2019-04-18
datarobot public This client library is designed to support the DataRobot API. 2019-04-18
trimesh public Import, export, process, analyze and view triangular meshes. 2019-04-18
ipypublish public A workflow for creating and editing publication ready scientific reports, from one or more Jupyter Notebooks 2019-04-18
flask-admin public Simple and extensible admin interface framework for Flask 2019-04-18
perl public The Perl programming language interpreter. 2019-04-18
traits public traits - explicitly typed attributes for Python 2019-04-18
pefile public pefile is a Python module to read and work with PE (Portable Executable) files 2019-04-18
ioos_qc public Collection of utilities, scripts and tests to assist in automated quality assurance and quality control for oceanographic datasets and observing systems 2019-04-18
catboost public Gradient boosting on decision trees library 2019-04-18
flask-appbuilder public Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more. 2019-04-18
fiona public Fiona reads and writes spatial data files 2019-04-18
audi public C++ header only library: Algebra of Taylor truncated polynomials and a few algorithms useful for its applications (e.g. Automated differentiation, Differential Intelligence, Taylor Models, etc.) 2019-04-18
gwdetchar public A python package for gravitational-wave detector characterisation 2019-04-18
google-cloud-storage public Python Client for Google Cloud Storage 2019-04-18
fitsio public A python library to read from and write to FITS files. 2019-04-18
gdal public GDAL is a translator library for raster and vector geospatial data formats that is released under an X/MIT style Open Source license by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. 2019-04-18
libgdal public The Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) 2019-04-18
pymeep public Free finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) software for electromagnetic simulations 2019-04-18
pytest-mock public Thin-wrapper around the mock package for easier use with py.test 2019-04-18
typed-ast public a fork of Python 2 and 3 ast modules with type comment support 2019-04-18
conda-forge-pinning public The baseline versions of software for the conda-forge ecosystem 2019-04-18
progressbar public Text progress bar library for Python 2019-04-18
asgiref public ASGI in-memory channel layer 2019-04-18
databases public Async database support for Python. 🗄 2019-04-18
terraform-provider-scaleway public The Terraform Scaleway provider 2019-04-18
kwant public Package for numerical quantum transport calculations. 2019-04-18
r-r.filesets public A file set refers to a set of files located in one or more directories on the file system. This package provides classes and methods to locate, setup, subset, navigate and iterate such sets. The API is designed such that these classes can be extended via inheritance to provide a richer API for special file formats. Moreover, a specific name format is defined such that filenames and directories can be considered to have full names which consists of a name followed by comma-separated tags. This adds additional flexibility to identify file sets and individual files. NOTE: This package's API should be considered to be in an beta stage. Its main purpose is currently to support the aroma.* packages, where it is one of the main core components; if you decide to build on top of this package, please contact the author first. 2019-04-18
scikit-multiflow public A machine learning framework for multi-output/multi-label and stream data. 2019-04-18
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