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Package Name Access Summary Updated
marray public No Summary 2017-04-21
versiontools public No Summary 2017-04-23
lancet public No Summary 2017-04-26
psycogreen public No Summary 2017-04-29
nbfinder public Importing Jupyter Notebooks as Modules 2017-05-07
lzfse public Reference C implementation of the LZFSE compressor 2017-05-08
sfdmap public Get E(B-V) values from the Schlegel et al (1998) galactic dust map 2017-05-15
msmbuilder public Statistical models for Biomolecular Dynamics 2017-05-15
libsemigroups-python-bindings public Python bindings for the libsemigroups C++ library for semigroups and monoids 2017-05-18
planetaryimage public Python PDS and Isis Cube file parser. 2017-05-20
cson public A Coffescript Object Notation (CSON) parser for Python 2 and Python 3. 2017-05-22
flask-webpack public A Flask extension to manage assets with Webpack 2017-05-22
pyvtk public PyVTK tools for manipulating Visualization Toolkit (VTK) files in Python 2017-05-29
pygeobase public Base class definition for I/O interfaces of poets° 2017-06-01
progress public Easy progress reporting for Python 2017-06-03
jsontableschema public A utility library for working with JSON Table Schema in Python 2017-06-08
datapackage-py public Utilities to work with Data Packages as defined on 2017-06-08
pandas-compat public Pandas API compatibility layer 2017-06-11
pyside public No Summary 2017-06-11
svg2png public SVG-to-PNG Converter Using PhantomJS 2017-06-16
bkcharts public High level chart types built on top of Bokeh 2017-06-17
cram public A simple testing framework for command line applications 2017-06-17
dask-ndfourier public A library for using N-D Fourier filter with Dask Arrays 2017-06-21
libconda public conda 4.0 based library 2017-06-28
django-redis public Full featured redis cache backend for Django 2017-06-28
dicttoxml public Converts a Python dictionary or other native data type into a valid XML string. 2017-07-04
clrng public A library for uniform random number generation in OpenCL 2017-07-08
flask-celery-helper public Flask-Celery-Helper doesn't break PyCharm autocomplete/inspections 2017-07-12
flask-redis-helper public Flask-Redis-Helper doesn't break PyCharm autocomplete/inspections 2017-07-12
pigz public Parallel implementation of gzip 2017-07-12
pybinding public Package for numerical tight-binding calculations in solid state physics 2017-07-14
dirent public Dirent interface for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017-07-15
scikit-dsp-comm public DSP and Comm package. 2017-07-15
pyhrf public pyhrf is a set of tools to analyze fMRI data and specifically study hemodynamics 2017-07-16
clamd public Simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python 2017-07-18
pymks public The Materials Knowledge System in Python 2017-07-27
larrayenv public Meta-package to install LArray and all its optional dependencies 2017-07-30
pygeogrids public No Summary 2017-08-01
build_capi public No Summary 2017-08-01
pybufr-ecmwf public No Summary 2017-08-03
trottersuzuki public Massively Parallel Trotter-Suzuki Solver 2017-08-04
dask-ndmeasure public A library for computing N-D measurements on labeled Dask Arrays 2017-08-08
xlntpyarrow public C++ XLSX library 2017-08-10
maltpynt public "Matteo's library and tools in Python for NuSTAR timing" 2017-08-12
pyopcode public No Summary 2017-08-21
obvious-ci public No Summary 2017-08-27
lbzip2 public lbzip2 is a free, multi-threaded compression utility with support for bzip2 compressed file format 2017-09-02
hunspell-en public English dictionaries for Apache OpenOffice 2017-09-03
landsat_util public A utility to search, download and process Landsat 8 satellite imagery. 2017-09-03
statuspage public No Summary 2017-09-07
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