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Package Name Access Summary Updated
webargs public A friendly library for parsing HTTP request arguments, with built-in support for popular web frameworks 2020-02-28
awscli public Universal Command Line Environment for AWS. 2020-02-28
boto3 public Amazon Web Services SDK for Python 2020-02-28
freud public Powerful, efficient particle trajectory analysis in scientific Python. 2020-02-28
xapian-core public Xapian is an Open Source Search Engine Library, written in C++. 2020-02-28
dash-core-components public Dash UI core component suite 2020-02-28
r-irlba public Fast and memory efficient methods for truncated singular and eigenvalue decompositions and principal component analysis of large sparse or dense matrices. 2020-02-27
botocore public Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3. 2020-02-27
r-rtsne public An R wrapper around the fast T-distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding implementation by Van der Maaten (see <> for more information on the original implementation). 2020-02-27
xeus public C++ implementation of the Jupyter Kernel protocol 2020-02-27
python public General purpose programming language 2020-02-27
gsd public General simulation data 2020-02-27
fastavro public Fast read/write of AVRO files 2020-02-27
ptvsd public Python debugger package for use with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code 2020-02-27
libsemigroups public C++ library for semigroups and monoids 2020-02-27
python-socketio public Socket.IO server 2020-02-27
r-rcppannoy public 'Annoy' is a small C++ library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors written for efficient memory usage as well an ability to load from / save to disk. This package provides an R interface by relying on the 'Rcpp' package, exposing the same interface as the original Python wrapper to 'Annoy'. See <> for more on 'Annoy'. 'Annoy' is released under Version 2.0 of the Apache License. Also included is a small Windows port of 'mmap' which is released under the MIT license. 2020-02-27
otpod public A module to build Probability of Detection for Non Destructive Testing 2020-02-27
fresnel public Path tracing for soft matter simulations. 2020-02-27
ipympl public Matplotlib Jupyter Extension 2020-02-27
fslpy public The FSL Python library 2020-02-27
r-matrix public A rich hierarchy of matrix classes, including triangular, symmetric, and diagonal matrices, both dense and sparse and with pattern, logical and numeric entries. Numerous methods for and operations on these matrices, using 'LAPACK' and 'SuiteSparse' libraries. 2020-02-27
pykep public pykep is a scientific library providing basic tools for interplanetary trajectory design. 2020-02-27
mpl-scatter-density public Matplotlib helpers to make density scatter plots 2020-02-27
root public ROOT is a modular scientific software toolkit. It provides all the functionalities needed to deal with big data processing, statistical analysis, visualisation and storage. It is mainly written in C++ but integrated with other languages such as Python and R. 2020-02-27
phonopy public Phonopy is an open source package for phonon calculations at harmonic and quasi-harmonic levels. 2020-02-27
cryptopp public A C++ Class Library of Cryptographic Schemes 2020-02-27
cppzmq public C++ bindings for 0MQ 2020-02-27
chaospy public Toolbox for performing uncertainty quantification 2020-02-27
r-uuid public Tools for generating and handling of UUIDs (Universally Unique Identifiers). 2020-02-27
r-matrix.utils public Implements data manipulation methods such as cast, aggregate, and merge/join for Matrix and matrix-like objects. 2020-02-27
zopfli public Zopfli module for python 2020-02-27
fonttools public fontTools is a library for manipulating fonts, written in Python. 2020-02-26
qt public Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework. 2020-02-26
conda-forge-repodata-patches public generate tweaks to index metadata, hosted separately from index 2020-02-26
python-lalinference public LSC Algorithm Inference Library 2020-02-26
lalinference public LSC Algorithm Inference Library 2020-02-26
compiler-rt public compiler-rt runtime libraries 2020-02-26
occt public this is the occ (opencascade) CAD-Kernel 2020-02-26
nilearn public Statistical learning for neuroimaging in Python 2020-02-26
python-engineio public Engine.IO server 2020-02-26
spyder-notebook public Jupyter notebook integration with Spyder 2020-02-26
aggdraw public High quality drawing interface for PIL. 2020-02-26
locust public Website load testing framework 2020-02-26
pyorbital public Orbital parameters and astronomical computations in Python 2020-02-26
pycoast public Writing of coastlines, borders and rivers to images in Python 2020-02-26
spreg public PySAL Spatial Econometrics Package 2020-02-26
trollsift public String parser/formatter for PyTroll packages 2020-02-26
datamash public GNU datamash is a command-line program which performs basic numeric,textual and statistical operations on input textual data files. 2020-02-26
pyfmi public PyFMI is a package for loading and interacting with Functional Mock-Up Units 2020-02-26
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