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Package Name Access Summary Updated
pycairo public Python bindings for the Cairo graphics library. 2020-02-17
tabulator public Consistent interface for stream reading and writing tabular data (csv/xls/json/etc) 2020-02-17
awswrangler public DataFrames on AWS 2020-02-17
pysteps public Python framework for short-term ensemble prediction systems 2020-02-17
geoplot public High-level geospatial plotting for Python 2020-02-17
gradle public Gradle - an open-source build-automation system 2020-02-17
proplot public A comprehensive, easy-to-use matplotlib wrapper for making beautiful, publication-quality graphics. 2020-02-17
mlt public MLT Multimedia Framework 2020-02-17
particlespy public A package to perform particle segmentation and analysis 2020-02-17
pytest-workflow public A pytest plugin for configuring workflow/pipeline tests using YAML files 2020-02-17
thermofun public Standalone library for calculating temperature and pressure corrections of thermodynamic data for substances and reactions. 2020-02-17
k3d public Jupyter notebook extension for 3D visualization. 2020-02-17
deepxde public Deep learning library for solving differential equations 2020-02-17
sagemaker-tensorflow-container public SageMaker TensorFlow Containers is an open source library for making the TensorFlow framework run on Amazon SageMaker. 2020-02-17
sagemaker_mxnet_container public Open source library for creating MXNet containers to run on Amazon SageMaker. 2020-02-17
sagemaker-mxnet-serving-container public Open source library for creating MXNet containers to run on Amazon SageMaker. 2020-02-17
idna public Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA). 2020-02-17
graphene-django public Graphene Django integration 2020-02-17
localstack-ext public Extensions for LocalStack 2020-02-17
betfairlightweight public Lightweight python wrapper for Betfair API-NG 2020-02-17
envisage public extensible application framework 2020-02-17
r-rgexf public Create, read and write 'GEXF' (Graph Exchange 'XML' Format) graph files (used in 'Gephi' and others). Using the 'XML' package, it allows the user to easily build/read graph files including attributes, 'GEXF' visual attributes (such as color, size, and position), network dynamics (for both edges and nodes) and edge weighting. Users can build/handle graphs element-by-element or massively through data-frames, visualize the graph on a web browser through 'gexf-js' (a 'javascript' library) and interact with the 'igraph' package. 2020-02-17
phasespace public Phase space generation implemented in TensorFlow 2020-02-17
dust_extinction public Models of interstellar dust extinction curves 2020-02-17
coloredlogs public Colored terminal output for Python's logging module 2020-02-17
pymodm public PyMODM is a generic ODM on top of PyMongo. 2020-02-17
dftd4 public A generally applicable London dispersion correction 2020-02-17
geopandas public Geographic pandas extensions. 2020-02-17
tifffile public Read and write image data from and to TIFF files. 2020-02-17
ogre public OGRE is a scene-oriented, flexible 3D engine written in C++ designed to make it easier and more intuitive for developers to produce games and demos utilising 3D hardware. 2020-02-17
requests-kerberos public A Kerberos authentication handler for python-requests 2020-02-17
ros-cpp-common public cpp_common contains C++ code for doing things that are not necessarily ROS related, but are useful 2020-02-17
orange3-timeseries public Orange3 add-on for exploring time series and sequential data. 2020-02-17
rift public RIFT parameter estimation pipeline 2020-02-17
rift-gpu public RIFT parameter estimation pipeline GPU metapackage 2020-02-17
protobuf public Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format. 2020-02-17
orange3 public component-based data mining framework 2020-02-17
nxviz public Rational network visualizations in Python 2020-02-17
hstspreload public Chromium HSTS Preload list as a Python package and updated daily. 2020-02-17
gitdb2 public A pure-Python git object database 2020-02-17
r-gpfit public A computationally stable approach of fitting a Gaussian Process (GP) model to a deterministic simulator. 2020-02-17
semver public Python package to work with Semantic Versioning 2020-02-17
nptdms public Cross-platform, NumPy based module for reading TDMS files produced by LabView. 2020-02-17
xcube public xcube is a Python package for generating and exploiting data cubes powered by xarray, dask, and zarr 2020-02-17
gsoap public The most advanced C/C++ autocoding tools for XML Web service APIs and other XML applications 2020-02-17
fluiddyn public Framework for studying fluid dynamics. 2020-02-17
lhcbdirac public LHCbDIRAC is the Extension to DIRAC for the LHCb Experiment 2020-02-17
pointpats public Statistical analysis of planar point patterns. 2020-02-17
alchemical-analysis public An open tool implementing some recommended practices for analyzing alchemical free energy calculations. 2020-02-17
pytest-mpl public pytest plugin to help with testing figures output from Matplotlib 2020-02-17
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