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Package Name Access Summary Updated
gridstack.js public gridstack.js is a jQuery plugin for widget layout 2017-10-26
pycwt public A Python module for continuous wavelet spectral analysis 2017-10-27
pyexcel-webio public A generic request and response interface for pyexcel web extensions. 2017-10-27
habanero public CrossRef Search Low-level client for Python 2017-10-27
jquery-ui public The official jQuery user interface library. 2017-10-27
jsondate public JSON with datetime support 2017-10-27
mando public Create Python CLI apps with little to no effort at all! 2017-10-28
lesshat public Smart LESS CSS mixins library. 2017-10-28
rednose public coloured output for nosetests 2017-11-07
pep8 public Python style guide checker 2017-11-07
tldextract public Accurately separate the TLD from the registered domain andsubdomains of a URL, using the Public Suffix List. 2017-11-07
deeplearnjs public Hardware-accelerated deep learning and linear algebra (NumPy) library for the web. 2017-11-07
electron public Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS 2017-11-07
jquery-mobile public jQuery Mobile Framework 2017-11-07
phosphor public The PhosphorJS Library 2017-11-07
flang-meta public Meta package to activate flang feature 2017-11-08
feedfinder2 public Find the feed URLs for a website. 2017-11-09
pyalveo public Python module to interface to the Alveo repository of speech and language data 2017-11-13
flask-excel public A flask extension using pyexcel to read, manipulate and write data in different excel formats: csv, ods, xls, xlsx and xlsm. 2017-11-14
conda-gitenv public Track environment specifications using a git repo. 2017-11-15
spefile public Reader for SPE files part of pyspec a set of python routines for data analysis of x-ray scattering experiments 2017-11-16
dask-searchcv public Tools for doing hyperparameter search with Scikit-Learn and Dask 2017-11-17
graphql-js public A reference implementation of GraphQL for JavaScript 2017-11-22
preact public Fast 3kb React alternative with the same ES6 API. Components & Virtual DOM. 2017-11-22
redux public Predictable state container for JavaScript apps 2017-11-22
gulp-util public Utilities for gulp plugins 2017-11-22
request public Simplified HTTP request client. 2017-11-23
bootstrap_contrast public Python module to produce bootstrapped confidence intervals and effect sizes. 2017-11-29
flask-compress public Compress responses in your Flask app with gzip. 2017-12-01
fortranformat public Mimics Fortran textual IO in Python 2017-12-08
nodebook public Repeatable analysis plugin for Jupyter notebook 2017-12-11
parameterized public Parameterized testing with any Python test framework 2017-12-11
flask-swagger-ui public Swagger UI blueprint for Flask 2017-12-11
munkres public The Munkres module provides an O(n^3) implementation of the Munkres algorithm (also called the Hungarian algorithm or the Kuhn-Munkres algorithm). 2017-12-13
pyttk public Ttk Python wrapper 2017-12-14
pyunlocbox public Convex Optimization in Python using Proximal Splitting 2017-12-15
pygsp public Graph Signal Processing in Python 2017-12-16
pyemojify public Substitutes emoji aliases to emoji raw characters. Simple but sweet :smile: 2017-12-17
django-apptemplates public Django template loader that allows you to load and override a template from a specific Django application. 2017-12-18
xmlrunner public PyUnit-based test runner with JUnit like XML reporting. 2017-12-19
python-irodsclient public A python API for iRODS 2017-12-21
update_checker public A python module that will check for package updates. 2017-12-30
doct public A read-only dottable dictionary 2017-12-30
fixie-creds public A Cyclus credentialing service 2018-01-02
hpack public HTTP/2 Header Encoding for Python 2018-01-05
scikit-mdr public A sklearn-compatible Python implementation of Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction (MDR) for feature construction. 2018-01-05
colour public Python color representations manipulation library (RGB, HSL, web, ...) 2018-01-06
intervals public Python tools for handling intervals (ranges of comparable objects). 2018-01-06
flask-testing public Unit testing for Flask 2018-01-06
flask-login public User session management for Flask 2018-01-08
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