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Package Name Access Summary Updated
fakeredis public Fake implementation of redis API for testing purposes. 2020-06-03
pytest-rerunfailures public pytest plugin to re-run tests to eliminate flaky failures 2020-06-03
cwinpy public CW Inference in Python 2020-06-03
nix public The Purely Functional Package Manager 2020-06-03
r-ape public Functions for reading, writing, plotting, and manipulating phylogenetic trees, analyses of comparative data in a phylogenetic framework, ancestral character analyses, analyses of diversification and macroevolution, computing distances from DNA sequences, reading and writing nucleotide sequences as well as importing from BioConductor, and several tools such as Mantel's test, generalized skyline plots, graphical exploration of phylogenetic data (alex, trex, kronoviz), estimation of absolute evolutionary rates and clock-like trees using mean path lengths and penalized likelihood, dating trees with non-contemporaneous sequences, translating DNA into AA sequences, and assessing sequence alignments. Phylogeny estimation can be done with the NJ, BIONJ, ME, MVR, SDM, and triangle methods, and several methods handling incomplete distance matrices (NJ*, BIONJ*, MVR*, and the corresponding triangle method). Some functions call external applications (PhyML, Clustal, T-Coffee, Muscle) whose results are returned into R. 2020-06-03
r-hdf5r public HDF5 is a data model, library and file format for storing and managing large amounts of data. This package provides a nearly feature complete, object oriented wrapper for the HDF5 API 2020-06-03
pdfgrep public A commandline utility to search text in PDF files 2020-06-03
diff-cover public Automatically find diff lines that need test coverage. 2020-06-03
libwebsockets public canonical websocket library 2020-06-03
marshmallow public A lightweight library for converting complex datatypes to and from native Python datatypes. 2020-06-03
kombu public Messaging library for Python 2020-06-03
shogun-cpp public Unified and efficient Machine Learning 2020-06-03
libhdfs3 public A Native C/C++ HDFS Client 2020-06-03
omicron public An algorithm to detect and characterize transient events in gravitational-wave detectors 2020-06-03
igraph public An open source and free collection of network analysis tool. 2020-06-03
pykafka public Apache Kafka client for Python; high-level & low-level consumer/producer, with great performance 2020-06-03
onnx public Open Neural Network Exchange library 2020-06-03
batman public Bayesian Analysis Tool for Modelling and uncertAinty quaNtification 2020-06-03
ticcutils public A generic utility library shared by Tilburg centre for Cognition and Communication (TiCC) software 2020-06-03
pyicu public Welcome to PyICU, a Python extension wrapping the ICU C++ libraries. 2020-06-03
hyperion-fortran public Hyperion Radiation Transfer Code 2020-06-03
tqdm public A Fast, Extensible Progress Meter 2020-06-03
dask-geomodeling public On-the-fly operations on geographical maps 2020-06-03
jupyterlab-git public A Git extension for JupyterLab 2020-06-03
bat public A cat(1) clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration 2020-06-03
clifford public A numerical geometric algebra module for python. BSD License. 2020-06-03
dials-data public DIALS Regression Data Manager 2020-06-03
h3-py public Python bindings for H3, a hierarchical hexagonal geospatial indexing system developed by Uber Technologies 2020-06-03
w3lib public This is a Python library of web-related functions 2020-06-03
petsc public PETSc: Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation 2020-06-03
code-server public Run VS Code on a remote server. 2020-06-03
gradle public Gradle - an open-source build-automation system 2020-06-03
mnelab public Graphical user interface (GUI) for MNE, a Python-based toolbox for EEG/MEG analysis. 2020-06-03
mamba public A fast drop-in alternative to conda, using libsolv for dependency resolution 2020-06-03
libxsmm public Library targeting Intel Architecture for specialized dense and sparse matrix operations, and deep learning primitives. 2020-06-03
librepo public A library providing C and Python (libcURL like) API for downloading repository metadata and packages 2020-06-03
py-librepo public A library providing C and Python (libcURL like) API for downloading repository metadata and packages 2020-06-03
more-itertools public More routines for operating on iterables, beyond itertools 2020-06-03
pytest-bandit public A bandit plugin for pytest 2020-06-03
pytest-regtest public pytest plugin for regression tests 2020-06-03
fzf public A command-line fuzzy finder 2020-06-03
pyglfw public This module provides Python bindings for GLFW 2020-06-03
netcdf-scm public Python wrapper for processing netCDF files for use with simple climate models 2020-06-03
slackclient public Python client for 2020-06-03
proplot public A comprehensive, easy-to-use matplotlib wrapper for making beautiful, publication-quality graphics. 2020-06-03
grayskull public Project to generate recipes for conda. 2020-06-03
pyexasol public Exasol python driver with extra features 2020-06-03
libcap public Implements the user-space interfaces to the POSIX 1003.1e capabilities available in Linux kernels 2020-06-03
zchunk public A file format designed for highly efficient deltas while maintaining good compression 2020-06-03
pygobject public Python bindings for GObject Introspection 2020-06-03
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