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Package Name Access Summary Updated
gpaw-data public Atomic PAW Setups for GPAW 2020-05-28
r-precrec public Accurate calculations and visualization of precision-recall and ROC (Receiver Operator Characteristics) curves. 2020-05-28
python-magnumclient public Client library for Openstack Magnum API 2020-05-28
paraview public ParaView is an open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization application based on Visualization Toolkit (VTK). 2020-05-28
r-arrow public R Integration to 'Apache' 'Arrow'. 2020-05-28
vaex-core public Core of vaex 2020-05-28
r-survminer public Contains the function 'ggsurvplot()' for drawing easily beautiful and 'ready-to-publish' survival curves with the 'number at risk' table and 'censoring count plot'. Other functions are also available to plot adjusted curves for `Cox` model and to visually examine 'Cox' model assumptions. 2020-05-28
awswrangler public Pandas on AWS 2020-05-28
r-maptpx public Posterior maximization for topic models (LDA) in text analysis, as described in Taddy (2012) `on estimation and selection for topic models'. Previous versions of this code were included as part of the textir package. If you want to take advantage of openmp parallelization, uncomment the relevant flags in src/MAKEVARS before compiling. 2020-05-28
owlready2 public Owlready2 is a module for ontology-oriented programming in Python. 2020-05-28
napari public a fast n-dimensional image viewer in Python 2020-05-28
pip-tools public pip-tools keeps your pinned dependencies fresh. 2020-05-28
libcmaes public No Summary 2020-05-28
adal public The ADAL for Python library makes it easy for python application to authenticate to Azure Active Directory (AAD) in order to access AAD protected web resources. 2020-05-28
yaqd-control public Command line tools for inspecting and controlling yaq daemons. 2020-05-28
guardian public aLIGO Guardian 2020-05-28
urdfdom public URDF parser 2020-05-28
ezca public aLIGO CDS Python EPICS interface 2020-05-28
rake_nltk public RAKE short for Rapid Automatic Keyword Extraction algorithm 2020-05-28
terraform-provider-gitlab public The Terraform GitLab provider 2020-05-28
r-gmm public It is a complete suite to estimate models based on moment conditions. It includes the two step Generalized method of moments (Hansen 1982; <doi:10.2307/1912775>), the iterated GMM and continuous updated estimator (Hansen, Eaton and Yaron 1996; <doi:10.2307/1392442>) and several methods that belong to the Generalized Empirical Likelihood family of estimators (Smith 1997; <doi:10.1111/j.0013-0133.1997.174.x>, Kitamura 1997; <doi:10.1214/aos/1069362388>, Newey and Smith 2004; <doi:10.1111/j.1468-0262.2004.00482.x>, and Anatolyev 2005 <doi:10.1111/j.1468-0262.2005.00601.x>). 2020-05-28
environs public Simplified environment variable parsing 2020-05-28
roifile public Read and write ImageJ ROI format. 2020-05-28
hyperspyui public HyperSpyUI tries to bring a streamlined user interface to the powerful multi-dimensional analysis capabilities of HyperSpy. HyperSpy is an open source Python library which provides tools to facilitate data analysis of multidimensional datasets. HyperSpy aims at making it easy and natural to apply analytical procedures that operate on an individual signal to multidimensional arrays, as well as providing easy access to analytical tools that exploit the multidimensionality of the dataset. While the UI tries to create a simple and intuitive interface to HyperSpy, it still retains the raw power of HyperSpy via the UI’s built in IPython console, which runs on the same Python kernel as the UI. 2020-05-28
eigenpy public Bindings between Numpy and Eigen using Boost.Python 2020-05-28
buildbot-www public Buildbot UI 2020-05-28
buildbot-console-view public Buildbot Console View plugin 2020-05-28
buildbot-pkg public Buildbot packaging tools 2020-05-28
buildbot-waterfall-view public Buildbot Waterfall View plugin 2020-05-28
buildbot-grid-view public Buildbot Grid View plugin 2020-05-28
httpx public A next-generation HTTP client for Python. 2020-05-28
pyremap public Python remapping tools for climate and earth system models. 2020-05-28
bilby public A user-friendly Bayesian inference library 2020-05-28
twilio public Twilio API client and TwiML generator 2020-05-28
arrow-cpp public C++ libraries for Apache Arrow 2020-05-28
pyarrow public Python libraries for Apache Arrow 2020-05-28
r-ids public Generate random or human readable and pronounceable identifiers. 2020-05-28
gputil public GPUtil is a Python module for getting the GPU status from NVIDA GPUs using nvidia-smi. 2020-05-28
r-reactable public Interactive data tables for R, based on the 'React Table' JavaScript library. Provides an HTML widget that can be used in 'R Markdown' documents and 'Shiny' applications, or viewed from an R console. 2020-05-28
buildbot public Python-based continuous integration testing framework 2020-05-28
buildbot-worker public Buildbot worker daemon 2020-05-28
r-bayesplot public Plotting functions for posterior analysis, prior and posterior predictive checks, and MCMC diagnostics. The package is designed not only to provide convenient functionality for users, but also a common set of functions that can be easily used by developers working on a variety of R packages for Bayesian modeling, particularly (but not exclusively) packages interfacing with 'Stan'. 2020-05-28
console_bridge public A ROS-independent package for logging that seamlessly pipes into rosconsole/rosout for ROS-dependent packages. 2020-05-28
cartographer public Cartographer is a system that provides real-time simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in 2D and 3D across multiple platforms and sensor configurations. 2020-05-28
libignition-common3 public Ignition Common is a component in the ignition framework, a set of libraries designed to rapidly develop robot applications. 2020-05-28
libignition-msgs5 public Ignition Messages 2020-05-28
fast-cdr public eProsima FastCDR 2020-05-28
markdown-it-py public Python port of markdown-it. Markdown parsing, done right! 2020-05-28
r-c50 public C5.0 decision trees and rule-based models for pattern recognition that extend the work of Quinlan (1993, ISBN:1-55860-238-0). 2020-05-28
r-showtext public Making it easy to use various types of fonts ('TrueType', 'OpenType', Type 1, web fonts, etc.) in R graphs, and supporting most output formats of R graphics including PNG, PDF and SVG. Text glyphs will be converted into polygons or raster images, hence after the plot has been created, it no longer relies on the font files. No external software such as 'Ghostscript' is needed to use this package. 2020-05-28
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