conda-forge / packages

Package Name Access Summary Updated
pyaudio public PortAudio Python Bindings. 2020-05-25
libical public An Open Source implementation of the iCalendar protocols and protocol data units 2020-05-25
kservice public Plugin framework for desktop services 2020-05-25
kglobalaccel public Global desktop keyboard shortcuts 2020-05-25
solid public Desktop hardware abstraction 2020-05-25
kconfigwidgets public Widgets for configuration dialogs 2020-05-25
diagrams public Diagram as Code 2020-05-25
libclang public Development headers and libraries for Clang 2020-05-25
clangxx public Development headers and libraries for Clang 2020-05-25
clangdev public Development headers and libraries for Clang 2020-05-25
clang-tools public Development headers and libraries for Clang 2020-05-25
clang public Development headers and libraries for Clang 2020-05-25
python-clang public Development headers and libraries for Clang 2020-05-25
ros-cv-bridge public A Python and C++ implementation to convert ROS Image messages and OpenCV images. 2020-05-25
slackclient public Python client for 2020-05-25
camelot-py public PDF Table Extraction for Humans. 2020-05-24
pyod public A Python Toolkit for Scalable Outlier Detection (Anomaly Detection) 2020-05-24
awsebcli public Command Line Interface for AWS EB. 2020-05-24
pyupgrade public A tool to automatically upgrade syntax for newer versions. 2020-05-24
r-haven public Import foreign statistical formats into R via the embedded 'ReadStat' C library, <>. 2020-05-24
jsonnet public Python bindings for Jsonnet - The data templating language 2020-05-24
conllu public CoNLL-U Parser parses a CoNLL-U formatted string into a nested python dictionary 2020-05-24
pygeoprocessing public Raster, vector, and hydrological operations for GIS processing 2020-05-24
r-forge public Helper functions with a consistent interface to coerce and verify the types and shapes of values for input checking. 2020-05-24
biorbd-viz public Biorbd visualization toolkit 2020-05-24
lhcbdirac public LHCbDIRAC is the Extension to DIRAC for the LHCb Experiment 2020-05-24
kcrash public Graceful handling of application crashes 2020-05-24
dirac-grid public Distributed Infrastructure with Remote Agent Control 2020-05-24
kauth public Execute actions as privileged user 2020-05-24
conda public OS-agnostic, system-level binary package and environment manager. 2020-05-24
pprintpp public pprint++: a drop-in replacement for pprint that's actually pretty 2020-05-24
mupdf public A lightweight PDF, XPS, and E-book viewer 2020-05-24
kconfig public Persistent platform-independent application settings. 2020-05-24
kguiaddons public Utilities for graphical user interfaces 2020-05-24
ki18n public KDE Gettext-based UI text internationalization 2020-05-24
kitemviews public Set of item views extending the Qt model-view framework 2020-05-24
kwindowsystem public Access to the windowing system 2020-05-24
kdbusaddons public Convenience classes for D-Bus 2020-05-24
kwidgetsaddons public Large set of desktop widgets 2020-05-24
kcoreaddons public Qt addon library with a collection of non-GUI utilities 2020-05-24
kcodecs public String encoding library 2020-05-24
karchive public Reading, creating, and manipulating file archives 2020-05-24
python-semantic-release public Automatic semantic versioning for python projects 2020-05-24
libbezier public Helper for B├ęzier Curves, Triangles, and Higher Order Objects 2020-05-24
nuitka public Python compiler with full language support and CPython compatibility 2020-05-24
glib public Provides core application building blocks for libraries and applications written in C. 2020-05-24
biorbd public Biomechanical add-ons to the RigidBody Dynamics Library 2020-05-24
sympy public Python library for symbolic mathematics 2020-05-24
phik public Phi_K correlation analyzer library 2020-05-24
path public A module wrapper for os.path 2020-05-24
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