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Package Name Access Summary Updated
miniwdl public Developer toolkit for the Workflow Description Language (WDL) 2019-11-14
pymeep public Free finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) software for electromagnetic simulations 2019-11-14
qcelemental public QCElemental is a resource module for quantum chemistry containing physical constants and periodic table data from NIST and molecule handlers. 2019-11-14
newrelic public New Relic Python Agent 2019-11-14
r-rootsolve public Routines to find the root of nonlinear functions, and to perform steady-state and equilibrium analysis of ordinary differential equations (ODE). Includes routines that: (1) generate gradient and jacobian matrices (full and banded), (2) find roots of non-linear equations by the 'Newton-Raphson' method, (3) estimate steady-state conditions of a system of (differential) equations in full, banded or sparse form, using the 'Newton-Raphson' method, or by dynamically running, (4) solve the steady-state conditions for uni-and multicomponent 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D partial differential equations, that have been converted to ordinary differential equations by numerical differencing (using the method-of-lines approach). Includes fortran code. 2019-11-14
libctl public A Guile-based library for supporting flexible control files in scientific simulations 2019-11-13
libsimpleitk public Development headers and libraries for SimpleITK a simplified interface to the Insight Toolkit. 2019-11-13
tableone public Create Table 1 for research papers in Python 2019-11-13
awscli public Universal Command Line Environment for AWS. 2019-11-13
flake8-nb public Flake8 based checking for jupyter notebooks 2019-11-13
boto3 public Amazon Web Services SDK for Python 2019-11-13
hepmc3 public HepMC3 is a new rewrite of HepMC event record. 2019-11-13
tiledb-py public Python interface to the TileDB sparse and dense multi-dimensional array storage manager 2019-11-13
atomman public Atomistic Manipulation Toolkit 2019-11-13
tiledb public TileDB sparse and dense multi-dimensional array data management 2019-11-13
pyinterp public Python library for optimized geo-referenced interpolation 2019-11-13
sos-rmarkdown public A converter from Rmarkdown to SoS Notebook 2019-11-13
markdown-kernel public A markdown kernel for jupyter 2019-11-13
r-protolite public Optimized C++ implementations for reading and writing protocol-buffers. Currently supports 'rexp.proto' for serializing R objects and 'geobuf.proto' for geojson data. This lightweight package is complementary to the much larger 'RProtoBuf' package which provides a full featured toolkit for working with protocol-buffers in R. 2019-11-13
botocore public Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3. 2019-11-13
xxhash public Extremely fast hash algorithm 2019-11-13
orc public C++ libraries for Apache ORC 2019-11-13
natsort public Sort lists naturally 2019-11-13
r-saver public An implementation of a regularized regression prediction and empirical Bayes method to recover the true gene expression profile in noisy and sparse single-cell RNA-seq data. See Huang M, et al (2018) <doi:10.1038/s41592-018-0033-z> for more details. 2019-11-13
earthengine-api public Earth Engine Python API 2019-11-13
r-blogdown public Write blog posts and web pages in R Markdown. This package supports the static site generator 'Hugo' (<>) best, and it also supports 'Jekyll' (<>) and 'Hexo' (<>). 2019-11-13
mesa-libegl-devel-cos7-ppc64le public (CDT) Mesa libEGL runtime libraries 2019-11-13
mesa-libegl-cos7-ppc64le public (CDT) Mesa libEGL runtime libraries 2019-11-13
libxtst-devel-cos7-ppc64le public (CDT) X.Org X11 libXtst runtime library 2019-11-13
libxtst-cos7-ppc64le public (CDT) X.Org X11 libXtst runtime library 2019-11-13
earthpy public Utility functions for the working with spatial data 2019-11-13
fmt public {fmt} is an open-source formatting library for C++ 2019-11-13
lightkurve public A friendly package for Kepler & TESS time series analysis in Python. 2019-11-13
mpl_sample_data public Publication quality figures in Python 2019-11-13
matplotlib public Publication quality figures in Python 2019-11-13
matplotlib-base public Publication quality figures in Python 2019-11-13
docker-py public Python client for Docker. 2019-11-13
s3fs public Convenient Filesystem interface over S3 2019-11-13
gcsfs public Pythonic file-system interface for Google Cloud Storage 2019-11-13
slackbot public A simple chat bot for Slack 2019-11-13
libxcursor-devel-cos7-ppc64le public (CDT) Cursor management library 2019-11-13
libxcursor-cos7-ppc64le public (CDT) Cursor management library 2019-11-13
dask public Parallel PyData with Task Scheduling 2019-11-13
google-cloud-storage public Python Client for Google Cloud Storage 2019-11-13
distributed public Distributed computing with Dask 2019-11-13
libxcomposite-devel-cos7-ppc64le public (CDT) X Composite Extension library 2019-11-13
libxcomposite-cos7-ppc64le public (CDT) X Composite Extension library 2019-11-13
dask-core public Parallel Python with task scheduling 2019-11-13
localstack-ext public Extensions for LocalStack 2019-11-13
iminuit public Interactive Minimization Tools based on MINUIT 2019-11-13
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