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Package Name Access Summary Updated
bravado-core public Library for adding Swagger support to clients and servers 2019-11-17
argcomplete public Bash tab completion for argparse 2019-11-17
cdat_info public Climate Data Analysis Tools 2019-11-17
seabreeze public Python module for Ocean Optics spectrometer 2019-11-17
slepc public SLEPc: Scalable Library for Eigenvalue Problem Computations 2019-11-17
libtiledb-sql public libtiledb-sql is a SQL interface for TileDB arrays using the MyTile storage engine 2019-11-17
xeus-python public Jupyter kernel for the Python programming language based on xeus 2019-11-17
neurotic public Curate, visualize, annotate, and share your behavioral ephys data using Python 2019-11-17
jupyter_core public Core common functionality of Jupyter projects. 2019-11-17
hiredis public Python wrapper for hiredis 2019-11-17
python-xxhash public Python binding for xxHash 2019-11-17
kubernetes public Production-Grade Container Orchestration 2019-11-17
pycbc public Core library to analyze gravitational-wave data, find signals, and study their parameters. 2019-11-17
terraform-provider-digitalocean public The Terraform DigitalOcean provider 2019-11-17
terraform-provider-ns1 public The Terraform NS1 provider 2019-11-17
pymumps public PyMUMPS: Python parallel sparse direct solver 2019-11-17
pyicu public Welcome to PyICU, a Python extension wrapping the ICU C++ libraries. 2019-11-17
waf public A build automation tool. 2019-11-17
ligo.skymap public Tools for reading, writing, manipulating, and making LIGO and Virgo sky maps 2019-11-17
tox public virtualenv-based automation of test activities 2019-11-17
menpo3d public The Menpo Project Python package for manipulating 3D meshes 2019-11-17
pyqtgraph public No Summary 2019-11-17
pynvim public Python client to neovim 2019-11-17
tqdm public A Fast, Extensible Progress Meter 2019-11-17
cdutil public A set of tools to manipulate climate data 2019-11-17
pyasn1 public ASN.1 types and codecs 2019-11-17
localstack-ext public Extensions for LocalStack 2019-11-17
kalasiris public A Python library to wrap functions and functionality for the Integrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers (ISIS). 2019-11-17
mkdocs-material public A Material Design theme for MkDocs 2019-11-17
d3 public Bring data to life with SVG, Canvas and HTML. 2019-11-17
dsnparse public parse dsn urls 2019-11-17
tiledb public TileDB sparse and dense multi-dimensional array data management 2019-11-17
amplpy public Python API for AMPL 2019-11-17
momepy public Urban Morphology Measuring Toolkit for Python 2019-11-16
pubchempy public Python wrapper for the PubChem PUG REST API. 2019-11-16
locust public Website load testing framework 2019-11-16
genutil public General Utitilites for the Community Data Analysys Tools 2019-11-16
adaptive-scheduler public An asynchronous scheduler for Adaptive 2019-11-16
cdms2 public Community Data Management System 2019-11-16
iteration_utilities public Utilities based on Pythons iterators and generators. 2019-11-16
cppyy public Python-C++ bindings interface based on Cling/LLVM 2019-11-16
flake8-comprehensions public A flake8 plugin that helps you write better list/set/dict comprehensions. 2019-11-16
libdrs public Data Retrieval and Storage DRS software Fortran library 2019-11-16
conda-standalone public Entry point and dependency collection for PyInstaller-based standalone conda. 2019-11-16
r-rcppeigen public R and 'Eigen' integration using 'Rcpp'. 'Eigen' is a C++ template library for linear algebra: matrices, vectors, numerical solvers and related algorithms. It supports dense and sparse matrices on integer, floating point and complex numbers, decompositions of such matrices, and solutions of linear systems. Its performance on many algorithms is comparable with some of the best implementations based on 'Lapack' and level-3 'BLAS'. The 'RcppEigen' package includes the header files from the 'Eigen' C++ template library (currently version 3.3.4). Thus users do not need to install 'Eigen' itself in order to use 'RcppEigen'. Since version 3.1.1, 'Eigen' is licensed under the Mozilla Public License (version 2); earlier version were licensed under the GNU LGPL version 3 or later. 'RcppEigen' (the 'Rcpp' bindings/bridge to 'Eigen') is licensed under the GNU GPL version 2 or later, as is the rest of 'Rcpp'. 2019-11-16
cdtime public Climate calendar manipulation tools 2019-11-16
bgen public A BGEN file format reader 2019-11-16
phonopy public Phonopy is an open source package for phonon calculations at harmonic and quasi-harmonic levels. 2019-11-16
catch2 public A modern, C++-native, header-only, test framework for unit-tests, TDD and BDD - using C++11, C++14, C++17 and later (or C++03 on the Catch1.x branch). 2019-11-16
libdrs_f public Data Retrieval and Storage DRS software Fortran library 2019-11-16
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