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Package Name Access Summary Updated
pycares public Python interface for c-ares 2019-10-13
colcon-parallel-executor public An extension for colcon-core to process packages in parallel. 2019-10-13
colcon-notification public An extension for colcon-core to provide status notifications. 2019-10-13
colcon-output public An extension for colcon-core to customize the output in various ways. 2019-10-13
azure-cli-core public Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools Core Module 2019-10-13
colcon-devtools public An extension for colcon-core to provide information about the plugin system. 2019-10-13
colcon-recursive-crawl public An extension for colcon-core to recursively crawl for packages. 2019-10-13
colcon-metadata public An extension for colcon-core to fetch and manage package metadata from repositories. 2019-10-13
colcon-library-path public An extension for colcon-core to set an environment variable to find shared libraries at runtime. 2019-10-13
dlfcn-win32 public dlfcn-win32 is an implementation of dlfcn for Windows. 2019-10-13
colcon-core public colcon is a command line tool to improve the workflow of building, testing and using multiple software packages. 2019-10-13
crosstool-ng public A versatile (cross-)toolchain generator. 2019-10-13
ipycanvas public Interactive widgets library exposing the browser's Canvas API 2019-10-13
r-fields public For curve, surface and function fitting with an emphasis on splines, spatial data, geostatistics, and spatial statistics. The major methods include cubic, and thin plate splines, Kriging, and compactly supported covariance functions for large data sets. The splines and Kriging methods are supported by functions that can determine the smoothing parameter (nugget and sill variance) and other covariance function parameters by cross validation and also by restricted maximum likelihood. For Kriging there is an easy to use function that also estimates the correlation scale (range parameter). A major feature is that any covariance function implemented in R and following a simple format can be used for spatial prediction. There are also many useful functions for plotting and working with spatial data as images. This package also contains an implementation of sparse matrix methods for large spatial data sets and currently requires the sparse matrix (spam) package. Use help(fields) to get started and for an overview. The fields source code is deliberately commented and provides useful explanations of numerical details as a companion to the manual pages. The commented source code can be viewed by expanding source code version and looking in the R subdirectory. The reference for fields can be generated by the citation function in R and has DOI <doi:10.5065/D6W957CT>. Development of this package was supported in part by the National Science Foundation Grant 1417857 and the National Center for Atmospheric Research. See the Fields URL for a vignette on using this package and some background on spatial statistics. 2019-10-13
r-clues public We developed the clues R package to provide functions for automatically estimating the number of clusters and getting the final cluster partition without any input parameter except the stopping rule for convergence. The package also provides functions to evaluate and compare the performances of partitions of a data set both numerically and graphically. 2019-10-13
wget public utility for non-interactive download of files from the Web 2019-10-13
conda-forge-ci-setup public A package installed by conda-forge each time a build is run on CI. This package has side-effects to your conda config. 2019-10-13
pomegranate public Pomegranate is a graphical models library for Python, implemented in Cython for speed. 2019-10-13
gxx_impl_linux-64 public GNU C++ Compiler 2019-10-13
gfortran_impl_linux-64 public GNU Fortran Compiler 2019-10-13
gcc_impl_linux-64 public GNU C Compiler 2019-10-13
libgfortran-ng public The GNU Fortran Runtime Library 2019-10-13
binutils_impl_linux-64 public The GNU Binutils are a collection of binary tools. 2019-10-13
xlwings public Interact with Excel from Python and vice versa 2019-10-13
pytest-lazy-fixture public It helps to use fixtures in pytest.mark.parametrize 2019-10-13
jupyter-archive public A Jupyter/Jupyterlab extension to make, download and extract archive files. 2019-10-13
phasespace public Physics extension to zfit 2019-10-13
zfit-physics public Physics extension to zfit 2019-10-13
zfit public Physics extension to zfit 2019-10-13
fastscapelib-f2py public Library for landscape evolution modeling (Python bindings) 2019-10-13
hvplot public A high-level plotting API for the PyData ecosystem built on HoloViews 2019-10-13
pyexasol public Exasol python driver with extra features 2019-10-13
pyaerocom public Python tools for the AeroCom project 2019-10-13
python-language-server public An implementation of the Language Server Protocol for Python 2019-10-13
pyuoi public The Union of Intersections Framework in Python 2019-10-13
sanic public Async Python 3.5+ web server that's written to go fast 2019-10-13
xenon public Monitor code metrics for Python on your CI server 2019-10-12
podman-py public Python bindings and code examples for using Varlink access to Podman Service 2019-10-12
source-highlight public This program, given a source file, produces a document with syntax highlighting. 2019-10-12
simplesat public SAT solver for use in Enstaller, based on the MiniSat implementation 2019-10-12
okonomiyaki public Okonomiyaki is an experimental library aimed at consolidating a lot of our low-level code used for Enthought's eggs. 2019-10-12
tinydb public TinyDB is a tiny, document oriented database optimized for your happiness :) 2019-10-12
dash-core-components public Dash UI core component suite 2019-10-12
dash-renderer public Front-end component renderer for dash 2019-10-12
pycoalescence public Ecological simulator for spatially explicit neutral models using coalescence methods 2019-10-12
discretisedfield public Python package for definition, reading, and visualisation of finite difference fields. 2019-10-12
nss public A set of libraries designed to support cross-platform development of security-enabled client and server applications. 2019-10-12
geopandas public Geographic pandas extensions. 2019-10-12
python-annoy public Approximate Nearest Neighbors in C++/Python optimized for memory usage and loading/saving to disk. 2019-10-12
r-stringdist public Implements an approximate string matching version of R's native 'match' function. Can calculate various string distances based on edits (Damerau-Levenshtein, Hamming, Levenshtein, optimal sting alignment), qgrams (q- gram, cosine, jaccard distance) or heuristic metrics (Jaro, Jaro-Winkler). An implementation of soundex is provided as well. Distances can be computed between character vectors while taking proper care of encoding or between integer vectors representing generic sequences. This package is built for speed and runs in parallel by using 'openMP'. An API for C or C++ is exposed as well. 2019-10-12
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