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Package Name Access Summary Updated
pyexasol public Exasol python driver with extra features 2019-10-22
localstack-ext public Extensions for LocalStack 2019-10-22
libcomcat public Python wrapper around ANSS ComCat API (plus tools). 2019-10-22
bulwark public A python package for defensive data analysis 2019-10-22
ros-rosbag public This is a set of tools for recording from and playing back to ROS topics. 2019-10-22
handlebars.js public Handlebars provides the power necessary to let you build semantic templates effectively with no frustration. 2019-10-22
petsc4py public Python bindings for PETSc 2019-10-22
fsleyes public The FSL image viewer 2019-10-22
get_version public Automatically use the latest “vX.X.X” Git tag as version in your Python package. 2019-10-22
bgen-reader public A BGEN file format reader 2019-10-22
nanoflann public A C++ header-only library for Nearest Neighbor (NN) search wih KD-trees 2019-10-22
clease public CLuster Expansion in Atomic Simulation Environment 2019-10-22
almosthere public Progress indicator C library 2019-10-22
hdf5 public HDF5 is a data model, library, and file format for storing and managing data 2019-10-22
pyccl public DESC Core Cosmology Library: cosmology routines with validated numerical accuracy 2019-10-22
hdf5-static public HDF5 is a data model, library, and file format for storing and managing data 2019-10-22
gitpython public Python Git Library 2019-10-22
bgen public A BGEN file format reader 2019-10-22
hypothesis public A library for property based testing 2019-10-22
libspatialindex public Extensible framework for robust spatial indexing 2019-10-22
dvc public DVC tracks ML models and data sets 2019-10-22
ros-topic-tools public Tools for directing, throttling, selecting, and otherwise messing with ROS topics at a meta level. 2019-10-22
ros-message-filters public A set of message filters. 2019-10-22
pooch public A friend to fetch your Python library's sample data files 2019-10-22
libignition-tools public Ignition Tools 2019-10-22
libignition-cmake0 public Ignition CMake : CMake Modules for Ignition Projects 2019-10-22
r-pingr public Check if a remote computer is up. It can either just call the system ping command, or check a specified TCP port. 2019-10-22
azure-mgmt-storage public Microsoft Azure Storage Resource Management Client Library for Python 2019-10-22
datapackage public Utilities to work with Data Packages as defined on 2019-10-22
awswrangler public Utility belt to handle data on AWS 2019-10-22
scikit-image public Image processing routines for SciPy. 2019-10-22
sagemaker-inference-toolkit public Open source toolkit for helping create serving containers to run on Amazon SageMaker. 2019-10-22
jupyterlab public An extensible environment for interactive and reproducible computing, based on the Jupyter Notebook and Architecture. 2019-10-22
ros-catkin public Low-level build system macros and infrastructure for ROS. 2019-10-22
colcon-core public colcon is a command line tool to improve the workflow of building, testing and using multiple software packages. 2019-10-22
citrination-client public Reference implementation in python for Citrination api 2019-10-22
rb-jekyll-remote-theme public Jekyll plugin for building Jekyll sites with any GitHub-hosted theme 2019-10-22
papermill public Papermill parameterizes, executes, and analyzes Jupyter Notebooks. 2019-10-22
doxygen public Generate documentation from source code 2019-10-21
r-performance public Utilities for computing measures to assess model quality, which are not directly provided by R's 'base' or 'stats' packages. These include e.g. measures like r-squared, intraclass correlation coefficient (Nakagawa, Johnson & Schielzeth (2017) <doi:10.1098/rsif.2017.0213>), root mean squared error or functions to check models for overdispersion, singularity or zero-inflation and more. Functions apply to a large variety of regression models, including generalized linear models, mixed effects models and Bayesian models. 2019-10-21
jax public Differentiate, compile, and transform Numpy code 2019-10-21
compas public The COMPAS framework 2019-10-21
lightkurve public A friendly package for Kepler & TESS time series analysis in Python. 2019-10-21
minikube public Run Kubernetes locally 2019-10-21
superlu_dist public Supernodal LU, solvers for large, sparse, nonsymmetric systems of linear equations. SuperLU_DIST is a parallel extension to the serial SuperLU library. 2019-10-21
r-digest public Implementation of a function 'digest()' for the creation of hash digests of arbitrary R objects (using the 'md5', 'sha-1', 'sha-256', 'crc32', 'xxhash', 'murmurhash' and 'spookyhash' algorithms) permitting easy comparison of R language objects, as well as functions such as'hmac()' to create hash-based message authentication code. Please note that this package is not meant to be deployed for cryptographic purposes for which more comprehensive (and widely tested) libraries such as 'OpenSSL' should be used. 2019-10-21
vcstool public vcstool provides a command line tool to invoke vcs commands on multiple repositories. 2019-10-21
pillow public Pillow is the friendly PIL fork by Alex Clark and Contributors 2019-10-21
youtube-dl public YouTube video downloader 2019-10-21
ipyslurm public IPython extension for interacting with the Slurm Workload Manager from Jupyter notebook 2019-10-21
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