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Package Name Access Summary Updated
ros-std-srvs public Common service definitions. 2019-10-17
ros-rosmaster public ROS Master implementation. 2019-10-17
ros-std-msgs public Standard ROS Messages including common message types representing primitive data types and other 2019-10-17
ros-rosparam public rosparam contains the rosparam command-line tool for getting and setting ROS Parameters. 2019-10-17
tyssue public A tissue simulation library 2019-10-17
localstack-ext public Extensions for LocalStack 2019-10-17
ros-rosunit public Unit-testing package for ROS. 2019-10-17
ros-rosboost-cfg public Contains scripts used by the rosboost-cfg tool for determining cflags/lflags/etc. of boost on your system 2019-10-17
ros-rosbash public Assorted shell commands for using ros with bash. 2019-10-17
ros-roscreate public roscreate contains a tool that assists in the creation of ROS filesystem resources. 2019-10-17
voila public Rendering of live Jupyter notebooks with interactive widgets 2019-10-17
ros-roscpp-core public Underlying data libraries for roscpp messages. 2019-10-17
ros-message-runtime public Package modeling the run-time dependencies for language bindings of messages. 2019-10-17
esmf public The Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF) is software for building and coupling weather, climate, and related models.' 2019-10-17
ros-xmlrpcpp public XmlRpc++ is a C++ implementation of the XML-RPC protocol. This version is heavily modified from the 2019-10-17
cppyy public Python-C++ bindings interface based on Cling/LLVM 2019-10-17
ros-roscpp-serialization public roscpp_serialization contains the code for serialization as described in 2019-10-17
multiprocess public better multiprocessing and multithreading in python 2019-10-17
ioos-tools public Misc functions for IOOS examples 2019-10-17
clease public CLuster Expansion in Atomic Simulation Environment 2019-10-17
ros-rosgraph public rosgraph contains the rosgraph command-line tool, which prints information about the ROS 2019-10-17
iminuit public Interactive Minimization Tools based on MINUIT 2019-10-17
libtiff public Support for the Tag Image File Format (TIFF). 2019-10-17
keycloak-gatekeeper public An adapter for use with OpenID Connect that supports both access tokens in a browser cookie or bearer tokens 2019-10-17
ros-roslib public Base dependencies and support libraries for ROS. roslib contains many of the common data structures 2019-10-17
cpycppyy public CPython-C++ bindings interface based on Cling/LLVM 2019-10-17
cppyy-backend public Automatic Python-C++ bindings 2019-10-17
petsc public PETSc: Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation 2019-10-17
ros-message-generation public Package modeling the build-time dependencies for generating language bindings of messages. 2019-10-17
mlflow public MLflow is an open source platform for the machine learning lifecycle. 2019-10-17
mlflow-ui-dbg public MLflow is an open source platform for the machine learning lifecycle. 2019-10-17
cppyy-cling public A repackaging of Cling for Automatic Python-C++ Bindings 2019-10-17
reaktoro public A unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems 2019-10-17
ros-gencpp public C++ ROS message and service generators. 2019-10-17
ros-class-loader public The class_loader package is a ROS-independent package for loading plugins during runtime and the 2019-10-17
kivy-garden public The kivy garden installation script, split into its own package for convenient use in buildozer. 2019-10-17
ros-rosmake public rosmake is a ros dependency aware build tool which can be used to build all dependencies in the 2019-10-17
ros-rospack public ROS Package Tool 2019-10-17
ros-geneus public EusLisp ROS message and service generators. 2019-10-17
ros-gennodejs public Javascript ROS message and service generators. 2019-10-17
ros-genpy public Python ROS message and service generators. 2019-10-17
ros-genlisp public Common-Lisp ROS message and service generators. 2019-10-17
ros-roscpp-traits public roscpp_traits contains the message traits code as described in MessagesTraits. This package is a 2019-10-17
fastscape public Fast, versatile and user-friendly landscape evolution models 2019-10-17
orekit public An accurate and efficient core layer for space flight dynamics applications 2019-10-17
sycomore public MRI Simulation toolkit 2019-10-17
dask-geomodeling public On-the-fly operations on geographical maps 2019-10-17
ipycanvas public Interactive widgets library exposing the browser's Canvas API 2019-10-17
r-covr public Track and report code coverage for your package and (optionally) upload the results to a coverage service like 'Codecov' <> or 'Coveralls' <>. Code coverage is a measure of the amount of code being exercised by a set of tests. It is an indirect measure of test quality and completeness. This package is compatible with any testing methodology or framework and tracks coverage of both R code and compiled C/C++/FORTRAN code. 2019-10-17
torchbiggraph public A distributed system to learn embeddings of large graphs 2019-10-17
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