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Package Name Access Summary Updated
clangdev public Development headers and libraries for Clang 2019-08-23
terraform public Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and combining infrastructure safely and efficiently. 2019-08-23
terraform-provider-kubernetes public The Terraform Kubernetes provider 2019-08-23
databroker public A unified interface to the various data sources at NSLS-II. 2019-08-22
awscli public Universal Command Line Environment for AWS. 2019-08-22
poppler public The Poppler PDF manipulation library. 2019-08-22
boto3 public Amazon Web Services SDK for Python 2019-08-22
descarteslabs public Descartes Labs Python Library 2019-08-22
earthengine-api public Earth Engine Python API 2019-08-22
omniscidb-cpu public The OmniSci database 2019-08-22
removestar public removestar is a tool to automatically replace 'import *' in Python files with explicit imports. 2019-08-22
jupyterlab public An extensible environment for interactive and reproducible computing, based on the Jupyter Notebook and Architecture. 2019-08-22
pyvista public 3D plotting and mesh analysis through a streamlined interface for the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) 2019-08-22
pytest-benchmark public A py.test fixture for benchmarking code 2019-08-22
paramtools public Library for parameter processing and validation with a focus on computational modeling projects 2019-08-22
botocore public Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3. 2019-08-22
sanic public Async Python 3.5+ web server that's written to go fast 2019-08-22
tiledb-py public Python interface to the TileDB sparse and dense multi-dimensional array storage manager 2019-08-22
pandas public High-performance, easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools. 2019-08-22
pyglfw public This module provides Python bindings for GLFW 2019-08-22
mkdocs-material public A Material Design theme for MkDocs 2019-08-22
pocean-core public A python framework for working with met-ocean data. 2019-08-22
tensorflow-base public TensorFlow is an open source machine learning framework for everyone. 2019-08-22
genutil public General Utitilites for the Community Data Analysys Tools 2019-08-22
tensorflow public TensorFlow helps the tensors flow 2019-08-22
libtensorflow_cc public TensorFlow is an open source machine learning framework for everyone. 2019-08-22
libtensorflow public TensorFlow is an open source machine learning framework for everyone. 2019-08-22
bison public General purpose parser generator converting annotated context-free grammar to a deterministic LR/GLR parser. 2019-08-22
glue-core public Multi-dimensional linked data exploration 2019-08-22
isce2 public InSAR Scientific Computing Environment 2019-08-22
pytest-doctestplus public Pytest plugin with advanced doctest features 2019-08-22
setuptools_dso public setuptools extension for building non-Python Dynamic Shared Objects 2019-08-22
distributed public Distributed computing with Dask 2019-08-22
jax public Differentiate, compile, and transform Numpy code 2019-08-22
cdms2 public Community Data Management System 2019-08-22
autotools_clang_conda public Scripts to compile autotools projects on windows using clang and llvm tools 2019-08-22
fsleyes public The FSL image viewer 2019-08-22
terraform-provider-docker public The Terraform Docker provider 2019-08-22
caiman public Calcium imaging analysis - 1p, 2p microscopy 2019-08-22
typing public Type Hints for Python - backport for Python<3.5 2019-08-22
fonttools public fontTools is a library for manipulating fonts, written in Python. 2019-08-22
xclim public Library of derived climate variables, ie climate indicators, based on xarray 2019-08-22
pysimplegui public GUI SDK Launched in 2018 Actively developed and supported. Super-simple to create custom GUI's. Python 2.7 & 3 Support. 100 Demo programs & Cookbook for rapid start. Extensive documentation. Examples using Machine Learning(GUI, OpenCV Integration, Chatterbot), Rainmeter Style Floating Desktop Widgets, Matplotlib + Pyplot integration, add GUI to command line scripts, PDF & Image Viewer. Great for beginners as well as advanced GUI programmers 2019-08-22
qtconsole public Jupyter Qt console 2019-08-22
cdo public CLI tools to manipulate and analyse Climate and NWP model Data 2019-08-22
mtspec public No Summary 2019-08-22
oop-ext public OOP Extensions is a set of utilities for object oriented programming which is missing on Python core libraries. 2019-08-22
opt_einsum public Optimizing einsum functions in NumPy, Tensorflow, Dask, and more with contraction order optimization. 2019-08-22
r-polysat public A collection of tools to handle microsatellite data of any ploidy (and samples of mixed ploidy) where allele copy number is not known in partially heterozygous genotypes. It can import and export data in ABI 'GeneMapper', 'Structure', 'ATetra', 'Tetrasat'/'Tetra', 'GenoDive', 'SPAGeDi', 'POPDIST', 'STRand', and binary presence/absence formats. It can calculate pairwise distances between individuals using a stepwise mutation model or infinite alleles model, with or without taking ploidies and allele frequencies into account. These distances can be used for the calculation of clonal diversity statistics or used for further analysis in R. Allelic diversity statistics and Polymorphic Information Content are also available. polysat can assist the user in estimating the ploidy of samples, and it can estimate allele frequencies in populations, calculate pairwise or global differentiation statistics based on those frequencies, and export allele frequencies to 'SPAGeDi' and 'adegenet'. Functions are also included for assigning alleles to isoloci in cases where one pair of microsatellite primers amplifies alleles from two or more independently segregating isoloci. polysat is described by Clark and Jasieniuk (2011) <doi:10.1111/j.1755-0998.2011.02985.x> and Clark and Schreier (2017) <doi:10.1111/1755-0998.12639>. 2019-08-22
py2vega public A Python to Vega-expression transpiler. 2019-08-22
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