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Package Name Access Summary Updated
r-mpoly public Symbolic computing with multivariate polynomials in R. 2019-09-18
cornac public A collection of recommendation algorithms and comparisons 2019-09-18
pyomeca public Pyomeca is a python library allowing to carry out a complete biomechanical analysis; in a simple, logical and concise way 2019-09-18
dash-core-components public Dash UI core component suite 2019-09-18
spotpy public A Statistical Parameter Optimization Tool 2019-09-18
nr.types public Toolbox with useful Python classes and type magic. 2019-09-18
dash-renderer public Front-end component renderer for dash 2019-09-18
freetds public FreeTDS is a free implementation of Sybase's DB-Library, CT-Library, and ODBC libraries 2019-09-18
tapi public TAPI is a Text-based Application Programming Interface 2019-09-18
nexpy public NeXpy: A Python GUI to analyze NeXus data 2019-09-18
datamash public GNU datamash is a command-line program which performs basic numeric,textual and statistical operations on input textual data files. 2019-09-18
blosc-hdf5-plugin public HDF5 plugin for BLOSC filter 2019-09-18
ipyvue public Jupyter widgets base for Vue libraries 2019-09-18
terraform-provider-azurerm public The Terraform Azure provider 2019-09-18
asammdf public ASAM MDF measurement data file parser 2019-09-18
r-gprofiler2 public A toolset for functional enrichment analysis and visualization, gene/protein/SNP identifier conversion and mapping orthologous genes across species via 'g:Profiler' (<>). The main tools are: (1) 'g:GOSt' - functional enrichment analysis and visualization of gene lists; (2) 'g:Convert' - gene/protein/transcript identifier conversion across various namespaces; (3) 'g:Orth' - orthology search across species; (4) 'g:SNPense' - mapping SNP rs identifiers to chromosome positions, genes and variant effects This package is an R interface corresponding to the 2019 update of 'g:Profiler' and provides access to 'g:Profiler' for versions 'e94_eg41_p11' and higher. See the package 'gProfileR' for accessing older versions from the 'g:Profiler' toolset. 2019-09-18
r-ggstatsplot public Extension of 'ggplot2', 'ggstatsplot' creates graphics with details from statistical tests included in the plots themselves. It is targeted primarily at behavioral sciences community to provide a one-line code to generate information-rich plots for statistical analysis of continuous (violin plots, scatterplots, histograms, dot plots, dot-and-whisker plots) or categorical (pie and bar charts) data. Currently, it supports only the most common types of statistical tests: parametric, nonparametric, robust, and bayesian versions of t-test/anova, correlation analyses, contingency table analysis, and regression analyses. 2019-09-18
apispec public A pluggable API specification generator 2019-09-18
lfpy public LFPy is a Python-module for calculation of extracellular potentials from multicompartment neuron models 2019-09-18
r-distances public Provides tools for constructing, manipulating and using distance metrics. 2019-09-18
gmt public The Generic Mapping Tools. 2019-09-18
fastscapelib-f2py public Library for landscape evolution modeling (Python bindings) 2019-09-18
faker public Faker is a Python package that generates fake data for you 2019-09-18
gfal2 public GFAL (Grid File Access Library) is a C library providing an abstraction layer of the grid storage system complexity. 2019-09-18
catkin_tools public This Python package provides command line tools for working with the catkin meta-buildsystem and catkin workspaces. 2019-09-18
datapackage public Utilities to work with Data Packages as defined on 2019-09-18
tableschema public A utility library for working with Table Schema in Python 2019-09-18
tabulator public Consistent interface for stream reading and writing tabular data (csv/xls/json/etc) 2019-09-18
clang_bootstrap_osx-64 public clang compilers for conda-build 3 2019-09-18
clangxx_osx-64 public clang compilers for conda-build 3 2019-09-18
clang_osx-64 public clang compilers for conda-build 3 2019-09-18
r-smoof public Provides generators for a high number of both single- and multi- objective test functions which are frequently used for the benchmarking of (numerical) optimization algorithms. Moreover, it offers a set of convenient functions to generate, plot and work with objective functions. 2019-09-18
labours public Python companion for to visualize the results. 2019-09-18
clangdev public Development headers and libraries for Clang 2019-09-18
clang-tools public Development headers and libraries for Clang 2019-09-18
clangxx public Development headers and libraries for Clang 2019-09-18
libclang public Development headers and libraries for Clang 2019-09-18
clang public Development headers and libraries for Clang 2019-09-18
mamba public A faster conda?! 2019-09-18
r-sjstats public Collection of convenient functions for common statistical computations, which are not directly provided by R's base or stats packages. This package aims at providing, first, shortcuts for statistical measures, which otherwise could only be calculated with additional effort (like Cramer's V, Phi, or effect size statistics like Eta or Omega squared), or for which currently no functions available. Second, another focus lies on weighted variants of common statistical measures and tests like weighted standard error, mean, t-test, correlation, and more. 2019-09-18
python-clang public Development headers and libraries for Clang 2019-09-18
progressbar2 public A Python Progressbar library to provide visual (yet text based) progress to long running operations. 2019-09-18
sphinx-math-dollar public sphinx-math-dollar is a Sphinx extension to let you write LaTeX math using $$. 2019-09-18
catalystcoop.pudl public An open data processing pipeline for public US utility data. 2019-09-18
chalice public Chalice is a microframework for writing serverless apps in python. 2019-09-18
rb-aws-codedeploy-agent public Host Agent for AWS CodeDeploy 2019-09-18
diffoscope public in-depth comparison of files, archives, and directories 2019-09-18
terraform public Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and combining infrastructure safely and efficiently. 2019-09-18
erlang public A programming language used to build massively scalable soft real-time systems with requirements on high availability. 2019-09-18
rb-github-pages public Bootstrap the GitHub Pages Jekyll environment locally 2019-09-18
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