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Package Name Access Summary Updated
psyplot public Python package for interactive data visualization 2020-02-16
hypothesis public A library for property based testing 2020-02-16
compas public The COMPAS framework 2020-02-16
cartopy public A library providing cartographic tools for python 2020-02-16
mpld3 public D3 Viewer for Matplotlib 2020-02-16
humanfriendly public Human friendly output for text interfaces using Python. 2020-02-16
modflow2netcdf public Converts Modflow Output files to CF Compliant NetCDF 2020-02-16
pygridgen public Python interface to gridgen by Pavel Sakov 2020-02-16
pykrige public Kriging Toolkit for Python 2020-02-16
poliastro public Python package for Orbital Mechanics 2020-02-16
r-plm public A set of estimators and tests for panel data econometrics, as described in Baltagi (2013) Econometric Analysis of Panel Data, ISBN-13:978-1-118-67232-7, Hsiao (2014) Analysis of Panel Data <doi:10.1017/CBO9781139839327> and Croissant and Millo (2018), Panel Data Econometrics with R, ISBN:978-1-118-94918-4. 2020-02-16
pandoc public Universal markup converter (repackaged binaries) 2020-02-16 public RADICAL-Anlytics is a library supporting the analysis of data produced by RADICAL-Cybertools. 2020-02-16
youtube-dl public YouTube video downloader 2020-02-16
coloredlogs public Colored terminal output for Python's logging module 2020-02-16
pycoalescence public Ecological simulator for spatially explicit neutral models using coalescence methods 2020-02-16
trimesh public Import, export, process, analyze and view triangular meshes. 2020-02-16
r-waveslim public Basic wavelet routines for time series (1D), image (2D) and array (3D) analysis. The code provided here is based on wavelet methodology developed in Percival and Walden (2000); Gencay, Selcuk and Whitcher (2001); the dual-tree complex wavelet transform (DTCWT) from Kingsbury (1999, 2001) as implemented by Selesnick; and Hilbert wavelet pairs (Selesnick 2001, 2002). All figures in chapters 4-7 of GSW (2001) are reproducible using this package and R code available at the book website(s) below. 2020-02-16
python-symengine public Python wrappers for SymEngine, a fast symbolic manipulation library, written in C++ 2020-02-16
nilearn public Statistical learning for neuroimaging in Python 2020-02-16
jupyterthemes public Select and install a Jupyter notebook theme 2020-02-16
imagemagick public Software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images. 2020-02-16
z5py public Lightweight C++ and Python interface for datasets in zarr and N5 format. 2020-02-16
imbalanced-learn public Python module to balance data set using under- and over-sampling 2020-02-16
fmpy public Simulate Functional Mockup Units (FMUs) in Python 2020-02-16
pygit2 public Python bindings for libgit2. 2020-02-16
tvb-library public A package for performing whole brain simulations 2020-02-16
lintel public A Python module to decode video frames directly, using the FFmpeg C API. 2020-02-16
libprotobuf public Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format. C++ Libraries 2020-02-16
clickhouse-driver public Python driver with native interface for ClickHouse 2020-02-16
spm1d public No Summary 2020-02-16
r-gdalutils public Wrappers for the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) Utilities. 2020-02-16
trilinos public Sandia's suite of HPC solvers and enabling technologies 2020-02-16
galpy public Galactic Dynamics in python 2020-02-16
astroml public Tools for machine learning and data mining in Astronomy 2020-02-16
astroplan public Observation planning package for astronomers 2020-02-16
symengine public SymEngine is a fast symbolic manipulation library, written in C++ 2020-02-16
hmmlearn public Hidden Markov Models in Python with scikit-learn like API. 2020-02-16
python-avro public Avro is a serialization and RPC framework. 2020-02-16
dipy public Diffusion MR Imaging in Python 2020-02-16
r-wrassp public A wrapper around Michel Scheffers's 'libassp' (<>). The 'libassp' (Advanced Speech Signal Processor) library aims at providing functionality for handling speech signal files in most common audio formats and for performing analyses common in phonetic science/speech science. This includes the calculation of formants, fundamental frequency, root mean square, auto correlation, a variety of spectral analyses, zero crossing rate, filtering etc. This wrapper provides R with a large subset of 'libassp's signal processing functions and provides them to the user in a (hopefully) user-friendly manner. 2020-02-15
theanolm public Recurrent neural network language modeling tool implemented using Theano 2020-02-15
r-blockmodeling public This is primarily meant as an implementation of generalized blockmodeling for valued networks. In addition, measures of similarity or dissimilarity based on structural equivalence and regular equivalence (REGE algorithms) can be computed and partitioned matrices can be plotted: Žiberna (2007)<doi:10.1016/j.socnet.2006.04.002>, Žiberna (2008)<doi:10.1080/00222500701790207>, Žiberna (2014)<doi:10.1016/j.socnet.2014.04.002>. 2020-02-15
r-qvcalc public Functions to compute quasi variances and associated measures of approximation error. 2020-02-15
pysal public Library of spatial analysis functions 2020-02-15
bottleneck public Fast NumPy array functions written in Cython. 2020-02-15
batman public Bayesian Analysis Tool for Modelling and uncertAinty quaNtification 2020-02-15
ccache public A compiler cache 2020-02-15
pyro4 public Distributed object middleware for Python (RPC) 2020-02-15
r-remotes public Download and install R packages stored in 'GitHub', 'BitBucket', or plain 'subversion' or 'git' repositories. This package provides the 'install_*' functions in 'devtools'. Indeed most of the code was copied over from 'devtools'. 2020-02-15
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