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Package Name Access Summary Updated
finitediff public Finite difference weights for any derivative order on arbitrarily spaced grids 2019-11-12
fipy public A finite volume partial differential equation solver using Python 2019-11-12
cpnest public CPNest: Parallel nested sampling 2019-11-12
ros-topic-tools public Tools for directing, throttling, selecting, and otherwise messing with ROS topics at a meta level. 2019-11-12
pycamb public Code for Anisotropies in the Microwave Background 2019-11-12
camb public Code for Anisotropies in the Microwave Background 2019-11-12
r-lime public When building complex models, it is often difficult to explain why the model should be trusted. While global measures such as accuracy are useful, they cannot be used for explaining why a model made a specific prediction. 'lime' (a port of the 'lime' 'Python' package) is a method for explaining the outcome of black box models by fitting a local model around the point in question an perturbations of this point. The approach is described in more detail in the article by Ribeiro et al. (2016) <arXiv:1602.04938>. 2019-11-12
cornac public A collection of recommendation algorithms and comparisons 2019-11-12
ros-message-filters public A set of message filters. 2019-11-12
enlopy public Python library with methods to generate, process, analyze, and plot energy related timeseries. 2019-11-12
assimulo public A package for solving ordinary differential equations and differential algebraic equations. 2019-11-12
cartopy public A library providing cartographic tools for python. 2019-11-12
courtana public Tools for courtship analysis 2019-11-12
goftests public Goodness of fit tests for general datatypes 2019-11-12
andes public Another Power System Simulator 2019-11-12
adaptive public Adaptive parallel sampling of mathematical functions 2019-11-12
axelrod public Research tool for Iterated Prisoners Dilemma in Python 2019-11-12
javafx-sdk public JavaFX library for Java 2019-11-12
aospy public Automated gridded climate data analysis and management 2019-11-12
sep public Astronomical source extraction and photometry library 2019-11-12
django-debug-toolbar public A configurable set of panels that display various debug information about the current request/response 2019-11-12
awswrangler public Utility belt to handle data on AWS 2019-11-12
gradle public Gradle - an open-source build-automation system 2019-11-12
pyfai public Python implementation of fast azimuthal integration 2019-11-12
xrayutilities public package for x-ray diffraction data evaluation 2019-11-12
openmpi-mpifort public An open source Message Passing Interface implementation. 2019-11-12
openmpi-mpicxx public An open source Message Passing Interface implementation. 2019-11-12
openmpi-mpicc public An open source Message Passing Interface implementation. 2019-11-12
openmpi public An open source Message Passing Interface implementation. 2019-11-12
biom-format public Biological Observation Matrix (BIOM) format 2019-11-12
r-fields public For curve, surface and function fitting with an emphasis on splines, spatial data, geostatistics, and spatial statistics. The major methods include cubic, and thin plate splines, Kriging, and compactly supported covariance functions for large data sets. The splines and Kriging methods are supported by functions that can determine the smoothing parameter (nugget and sill variance) and other covariance function parameters by cross validation and also by restricted maximum likelihood. For Kriging there is an easy to use function that also estimates the correlation scale (range parameter). A major feature is that any covariance function implemented in R and following a simple format can be used for spatial prediction. There are also many useful functions for plotting and working with spatial data as images. This package also contains an implementation of sparse matrix methods for large spatial data sets and currently requires the sparse matrix (spam) package. Use help(fields) to get started and for an overview. The fields source code is deliberately commented and provides useful explanations of numerical details as a companion to the manual pages. The commented source code can be viewed by expanding source code version and looking in the R subdirectory. The reference for fields can be generated by the citation function in R and has DOI <doi:10.5065/D6W957CT>. Development of this package was supported in part by the National Science Foundation Grant 1417857 and the National Center for Atmospheric Research. See the Fields URL for a vignette on using this package and some background on spatial statistics. 2019-11-12
r-hexbin public Binning and plotting functions for hexagonal bins. 2019-11-12
mpas_tools public Mesh tools for Model for Prediction Across Scales (MPAS) 2019-11-12
r-genie public A new hierarchical clustering linkage criterion: the Genie algorithm links two clusters in such a way that a chosen economic inequity measure (e.g., the Gini index) of the cluster sizes does not increase drastically above a given threshold. Benchmarks indicate a high practical usefulness of the introduced method: it most often outperforms the Ward or average linkage in terms of the clustering quality while retaining the single linkage speed, see (Gagolewski et al. 2016a <DOI:10.1016/j.ins.2016.05.003>, 2016b <DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-45656-0_16>) for more details. 2019-11-12
openpmd-api public C++ & Python API for writing & reading (.h5, .bp, .json, ...), serial & MPI parallel openPMD files. 2019-11-12
pandera public Light-weight and flexible validation for pandas data structures 2019-11-12
grpc-cpp public gRPC - A high-performance, open-source universal RPC framework 2019-11-12
authlib public The ultimate Python library in building OAuth and OpenID Connect servers. JWS,JWE,JWK,JWA,JWT included. 2019-11-12
python-spams public An optimization toolbox for solving various sparse estimation problems. 2019-11-12
thermofun public Standalone library for calculating temperature and pressure corrections of thermodynamic data for substances and reactions. 2019-11-12
hcc public HCC is an Open Source, Optimizing C++ Compiler for Heterogeneous Compute currently for the ROCm GPU Computing Platform 2019-11-12
pyglet public Cross-platform windowing and multimedia library 2019-11-12
dask-mpi public Deploy Dask using MPI4Py 2019-11-12
snorkel public Snorkel is a system for programmatically building and managing training datasets to rapidly and flexibly fuel machine learning models. 2019-11-12
scipy public Scientific Library for Python 2019-11-12
s3contents public A S3-backed ContentsManager implementation for Jupyter 2019-11-12
sqlalchemy public Database Abstraction Library. 2019-11-12
poppler public The Poppler PDF manipulation library. 2019-11-12
qgis public A free and open source Geographic Information System (GIS). 2019-11-12
yggdrasil public A framework for connecting computational models from multiple languages. 2019-11-12
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