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Package Name Access Summary Updated
paraview public ParaView is an open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization application based on Visualization Toolkit (VTK). 2020-01-27
clifford public A numerical geometric algebra module for python. BSD License. 2020-01-27
vega public An IPython/Jupyter widget for Vega and Vega-Lite 2020-01-27
serpent public Serialization based on ast.literal_eval 2020-01-27
phasespace public Phase space generation implemented in TensorFlow 2020-01-27
paramtools public Library for parameter processing and validation with a focus on computational modeling projects 2020-01-27
benchmark public A microbenchmark support library 2020-01-27
r-tidyselect public A backend for the selecting functions of the 'tidyverse'. It makes it easy to implement select-like functions in your own packages in a way that is consistent with other 'tidyverse' interfaces for selection. 2020-01-27
wheel public A built-package format for Python. 2020-01-27
z5py public Lightweight C++ and Python interface for datasets in zarr and N5 format. 2020-01-27
moz-sql-parser public Extract Parse Tree from SQL 2020-01-27
control public Python Control Systems Library 2020-01-27
cwltool public Common workflow language reference implementation 2020-01-27
pyremap public Python remapping tools for climate and earth system models. 2020-01-27
jupytext public Jupyter notebooks as Markdown documents, Julia, Python or R scripts 2020-01-27
imagemagick public Software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images. 2020-01-27
expat public Expat XML parser library in C 2020-01-27
r-rpostgres public Fully 'DBI'-compliant 'Rcpp'-backed interface to 'PostgreSQL' <>, an open-source relational database. 2020-01-27
numba public NumPy aware dynamic Python compiler using LLVM 2020-01-27
r-esquisse public A 'shiny' gadget to create 'ggplot2' charts interactively with drag-and-drop to map your variables. You can quickly visualize your data accordingly to their type, export to 'PNG' or 'PowerPoint', and retrieve the code to reproduce the chart. 2020-01-27
hmat-oss public A hierarchical matrix C/C++ library 2020-01-27
megaradrp public MEGARA Data Reduction Pipeline 2020-01-27
r-nlmixr public Fit and compare nonlinear mixed-effects models in differential equations with flexible dosing information commonly seen in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics (Almquist, Leander, and Jirstrand 2015 <doi:10.1007/s10928-015-9409-1>). Differential equation solving is by compiled C code provided in the 'RxODE' package (Wang, Hallow, and James 2015 <doi:10.1002/psp4.12052>). 2020-01-27
slycot public Slycot: a wrapper for the SLICOT control and systems library 2020-01-27
esda public Package with statistics for exploratory spatial data analysis 2020-01-27
plumed public Free energy calculations in molecular systems 2020-01-27
ninja public A small build system with a focus on speed 2020-01-27
s_gd2 public Stochastic Gradient Descent for Graph Drawing 2020-01-27
openturns public Uncertainty treatment library 2020-01-27
corrfunc public Blazing fast correlation functions on the CPU 2020-01-27
otmorris public Morris screening module 2020-01-27
python-paragraph public A pure Python micro-framework supporting seamless lazy and concurrent evaluation of computation graphs. 2020-01-27
normaliz public Normaliz is an open source tool for computations in affine monoids, vector configurations, lattice polytopes, and rational cones. 2020-01-27
nibabel public Python package to access a cacophony of neuro-imaging file formats 2020-01-27
jsonarango public A lightweight ArangoDB client C++ library, providing CRUD and query operations 2020-01-27
graphql-core public A Python 3.6+ port of the GraphQL.js reference implementation of GraphQL. 2020-01-27
elixir public Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications 2020-01-27
pywr public Pywr is a generalised network resource allocation model written in Python 2020-01-27
hypothesis-jsonschema public Tools to generate test data from JSON schemata with Hypothesis 2020-01-27
pyexasol public Exasol python driver with extra features 2020-01-27
cereal public A C++11 library for serialization 2020-01-27
nest-simulator public NEST is a simulator for spiking neural network models that focuses on the dynamics, size and structure of neural systems rather than on the exact morphology of individual neurons. 2020-01-27
pydoe2 public Design of experiments for Python 2020-01-27
py-plumed public Python wrappers for plumed library 2020-01-27
scikit-geometry public Scientific Python Geometric Algorithms Library 2020-01-27
openimageio public Simple but powerful APIs for reading & writing many image formats 2020-01-27
alpenglow public Open Source Recommender Framework with Time-aware Learning and Evaluation 2020-01-27
parsplice public Parallel Trajectory Splicing AMD Code 2020-01-27
gradle public Gradle - an open-source build-automation system 2020-01-27
libtheora public No Summary 2020-01-27
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